I think I figured out the XSX Memory Card Format

The so called SSD / Memory Card is going to be a

1.8" HDD Body, replaced with a SSD.

1.8" = LxWxH (mm) = 78.50 x 54.00 x (5, 8)

The connector will probably use a standard SAS connector to get the 2x PCIe lanes.

The Plastic Back rear end is just a wrapper to make it easier to hold and not touch the bare metal body for when it gets hot from data transfer.

Draw out the dimensions on paper and try it out yourself, make yourself a rectangular box.

Tell me if it fits in your hand just like the image of the MS Developer holding it in his hand.


Cool, but also meh?

I mean they are going to change everything possible, the connector and the storage format so yeah it will likely be that size but that just a size. Figuring out a phone is the same size as a wallet does not really tell me anything.

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