I think I am over spotify, where do you buy your music?

I keep trying to use spotify premium. Its genuinely a good service for the end user and I like the UI. But every time spotify updates, some new bug pops up and one thing leaks into other stuff and then spotify doesn’t even turn on unless I reinstall it. This happens within a matter of months, though it happened within 2 weeks on my oneplus 9.

I decided instead to just buy my music, or get it on youtube with the later intent of buying FLAC’s. Bandcamp has since come back into my life, kinda forgot about it, and I’m excited about that.

Where do you guys get your music?

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I listen to music on YouTube on my desktop PC, and I have Apple Music for my phone(s)

Then, I acquire FLAC of everything I listen to as a backup

Back in uni I’d get cds from the library. Now I just use youtube

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I still buy physical media and stream from my own music server. Other than that I use bandcamp and Google Music.


Deezer. Download their high quality bitrate with deemix then play on your favorite music player on your phone. Back when my android was still alive, I used to use Vinyl over on the Fdroid. I am not doing this right now because iOS snoops and logs the file name of the music you play on VLC player on their app. Well its not really buy, but the other option is the bay.

Locally I dont see anyone sell DVDs or CDs anymore, which is a bit sad.

I used to source music from Bandcamp but stopped because I hate Epic.


Mmm, I could agree with that somewhat, but understand too that Chinese companies do not work the same as companies in the rest of the world. In the US a person working in a department gets credit for their work, in china, the entire department gets rewarded for overall good working order and output. If they hit a level of normality, then they get paid at a certain rate. It has to do with output because of demand from other countries. Its what happens when you turn a country into a living factory.

You can see the effect of this with the Oneplus 10 and Oneplus 9. The 9 was the phone that oneplus worked on without Carl Pei there for the most of its development. He got the look down, made some notes, was around for a bit, then at some point split off and BBK put people in his place. In the West we put a lot of love into design, and we give credit to those who have ideas. In china, you are trying to make everyone’s life better overall because its just not that great, so everyone tries hard. When reviewers were confused by the infrared camera, unsure how that helped with their selfies and dick pics, Oneplus was probably really pissed off. They had made the ultimate IT and Repairmans pocket tool, and everyone was scared you’d see grandma’s tits or young timmy’s bum.

So, instead of appealing to those people like western companies do, Oneplus gave them the product that was demanded of them, and showed what requesting that sort of shit actuially gets you, VS what they had designed and how iut had been set up. Software coulda been done differently, but being a chinese company everyones gunna freak out about face recognition. But, then everyone bitches about the sensor placement. Well, if you work in a mine, live in a cold region, or work in a rice feild, you don’t wanna be touching shit. Its just good sense.

While the games sector of Epic can be kinda… well, eh, theres a lot more under that name than JUST a games publisher. And they want to branch out.

I’m not saying trust them, but I am saying give them time.

Personally I am going to go buy all of AFK’s albums on bandcamp because out of all of the places I can buy their music, bandcamp STILL outputs the most money to the artist, even after the conglomeration.

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If I was going to buy music, I would probably do it from here: https://us.7digital.com/

I personally still buy CDs, mostly used. We have an online shop here called MusicMagpie. They have tons of used CDs for sale. They are really cheap, & have a good return policy (if they are scratched). Maybe you have something similar where you live. I then rip the CDs myself to the computer, in a lossless file format. There are some places to buy lossless digital music online, but they are usually quite expensive & have limited catalogues.

Youtube- sometimes lucky, with getting a good unofficial playlist reel spinning away

IF I hear something, that I like and want to binge it [offline]- then I buy it upp
Be more inclined with physical/digital combo, but that is not always available today
… One of my more recent music buys, only got lucky with digital media