I think diet Mountain Dew is slowly killing every part in my body

i probably laughed at that more than i rightfully should have

What the hell is wrong with coffee? 

On an unrelated note, I have been awake for 25 hours at the time of posting this.

Nothing is wrong with highly roasted coffee beans. Typically an Espresso roast ran through a drip coffee maker with 5-6 scoops per every 4 cups of water generally gives you the best caffeine yeld and best flavor.

Make your own SODA! (cola)

Some things are more for balance than you maybe thought before, example.. fibre helps dissolve the sugar you eat daily but since you don't eat the whole fruit, only drink the juice, the effect of fibres disappear and might leave you with diabetes in the future. Fibre is basically the cure for the (what some nutritionists call it) poison caused by sugar. It's one of the reasons why you are being recommended foods with lots of fibre when you are used to food with lots of sugar in it.

A funny thing I read in a book called "Cocaine" is that sugar actually has the same effect on your brain as cocaine, but not in the same scale. You need a lot more sugar to get the same effect that a few mg cocaine gives (you might be poisoned or something before you reach that level).

Anyways... My point was that everything you eat has a reason for being eaten. Some things are not registered as bad for your health cause the damaging effect usually doesn't start unless you are highly addicted to the crap they sell. If you would actually read about the things you consume/eat, you would see that there is a whole lot of stuff that you would never eat unless you never knew about it. But, if there is a poison, there usually is a cure. Question is what do you need to mix it with to get a balanced effect.

Unfortunately, in your case, you might have got poisoned before ever eating the cure.

People here are right. You were foolish to think aspartame/Splenda infused pop was better for you. Also, it has now been proven that you have just as much of a risk, if not more for diabetes drinking diet pop or diet anything. Stick to regular Mountain Dew if you want pop- you could also drink lightly-sweetened, non-diet tea or iced coffee like someone else said. 

Lots of anything will make you feel bad even water. Finding a balance between beautiful freshly cooked meals and soft drink and maccas is what i do. ;) i eat maccas alot less lately though.

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