I suck with console controllers now

I recently switched from console gaming to PC. And, obviously, i like pc better. But yesterday i wanted to try the killzone 2 demo on ps3. It was so hard for me to line up and shoot people. The game itself is amazing though, and so are the graphics. Heres a cool little thing you guys may have herd about b4. I think its awesome.


You know there's controller options in the menu right?

haha same XD

MeGotRice wrote 2 minutes ago »

You know there's controller options in the menu right?

yeah dude, i know. i tried like every single sensitivity setting. idk, i probably will get used to it after buying the game.

Its the game, i also found killzone 2 a bit harder to control then say call of duty 4.

its those things called joysticks

Like Uzi said, the controls are a bit weird. I find when I move the analog stick it dawdles on for another tenth of a second. I hope they sort out the controls in the full version.

yea all controls arw weird

oh, ok. Cause i thought i was just sucking at it cause i havent used a controller in a while.

joysticks? say what?


KOkun wrote 2 minutes ago »

joysticks? say what?

where does the coin go into?

into my pockets.

i play both console and pc

i play source game on pc, and everytinhg else on console

Same!! I used a Xbox controller while at a friends and wow was I off. Really sucks, but the mouse is just so much better! Killzone is a ton of fun, crazy you got to play a demo. Is your friend a collector?

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