I started individually sleeving my power supply

Not sure if there is a modding section but...

Well, I started with all my case fans, and front panel cables, which were easy. I then went on to sleeving the 6 pin and 8 pin power cables for my two graphics cards. Instead of using the 8+6 I decided to remove the +6 and use an entire other cable for the 6 pin connectors. 28 cables later and my fingers are killing me.

I still need to do the 24 pin, which is more like 30 cables or something (since two cables sometimes go into one pin), plus the 8 pin CPU power.

I think I need some motivation to continue this ambitious task. It is definitely more work than I expected and I now hate the sight and smell of heatshrink...

How many hours does it usually take to finish sleeving an entire PSU. This is my first time doing this of course.

if your not sleeving each individual wire you can do it in an hour!

You should post pictures here when its done :3

I haven't been doing anymore sleeving, but here is a picture of just the PCI-E cables done and in my case.

I had some troubles with one of the cables. I was pulling out a pin and the little latches on the inside bent backward. I got impatient so I just pulled. The cable came out but the pin stayed in. Since I didn't have any replacement pins to reattach I just took a cable with a pin from the +6 that I cut off and soldered it on, (any reason to pull out my soldering gun :D). After that I managed to get the pin layout wrong, which I found out that if you do the corsair power supplies wont turn on. Following one of the other cables I sorted that out. Made me realize Corsair likes to sacrifice practicality, with all black cables, for looks.

So far, it is looking really great. I'm not sure if it matters to you much but I'm pretty sure evga sells black sli/crossfire bridges (unless they're both do the same thing) or there would be one on amazon somewhere, instead of having that orangy looking one. Aside that, it just looks amazing. 

I'm kinda jealous how nice it looks in there. Granted I would've done green or brown, but it certainly is significantly nicer looking than what my desktops end up looking like.

SLI and Crossfire bridges are different and not interchangeable to my knowledge. My motherboard came with a black ASUS ROG SLI bridge which I would have loved to use :(. I've looked for different Xfire bridges but to no luck. If anyone knows where to find one, I would be happy.

I've got two copper coloured ones so I might try to paint one of them and see how it looks.

Actually I think I'll go do that right now.

If all the metal components are insulted by plastic you should be fine for painting. Just make sure you find a way to cover the 2 openings which connect the 2 graphics cards. Red might look pretty cool for that. 

It's done. I finished the 24 pin cable and the 8 pin CPU cable. The painted Crossfire bridge failed horribly. My painting skills are sub par.