I Spy IBM - finding references to Power & z hardware in use

Following a train of thought from a The POWER and PowerPC General Discussion / News Thread post I made about a new IBM storage appliance using POWER9.

For the most part, IBM hardware seems to fly under the radar; apart from when their systems make the Top500 list. When I first began reading about POWER_ or z_ I could not remember ever hearing about either being actually in use. You see references to “businesses use them” or something similarly vague, but that is hardly a satisfying answer.

So, I am making this thread to collect the infrequent references to Power/PowerPC hardware or AIX being used, where I might not have noticed it before.


AT&T MACS - mailing/printing automation


We built a platform that we call MACS the Mail Automation and Control System. It’s an industry-leading patented process that you can think about as an end-to-end manufacturing control platform that runs on a proprietary IBM AIX Unix platform.