I sold my XBOX 360 long live PS3

I sold My XBOX 360 last week what a wast of money that was it only had 5 Games that I liked on it all JRPGs and one more being NINJA GAIDEN 2 which is ariving on PS3 this year along with 2 of the 360s hit JRRPGs are about to arrive on to PS3 and my PS3 1000times better and is now 500GB FTW.

360 FTW

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over Gears 2, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, Crackdown, and Mass Effect. I also couldn't hear you over the speakers I bought with the money I saved by not buying a PS3.

Lol, flame wars are pointless.
Everyone has their own opinion, And by the way, We can play L4D and Mass Effect on PC, Gears is a very generic TPS and Halo 3 is Halo 2 with better graphics, Which proves even a bad games with good graphics still sucks. Lol.

And when you think about it the value of a PS3 is a lot better than a 360.


Because no one else would have said it.

consoles are consoles..
i actually forgot i owned a wii until reading that last post

I know we can play them on PC, I'm not completely retarded ;)I personally don't really care about the value of it though, if I wanted to get a blu ray player I would buy a drive for my PC. I bought my Xbox to be with friends, and I hate it when people with terrible grammar (see: hikaruchan1) insult it.

An insult is an insult, regardless of grammar. He felt that the Playstation 3 is superior to the Xbox 360. That's all there is to it. I actually don't even see where he insulted it, other than stating what games he had and that they are also going to be on the Ps3. Hell, I just sold my 360 a couple days ago as well and I'll be purchasing a Ps3 within the next month. Let's not get butthurt now.

"I sold My XBOX 360 last week what a wast of money"[size= 10px; line-height: normal]Â [/size]Didn't insult it? If he wants to start a flame war then he can be my guest.

Eh, I found it to be a waste of money as well. If anyone wants to start a flame war, I'll gladly be the one to throw dirt on it and end it with the delete button.

He was expressing his opinion on an open forum. If you disagree, then feel free to do so, but do not flame someone else because of their opinion.

We all have our own way of expressing our opinions, obviously.

Fan boys have a tendency to take such comments to heart, as opposed to someone with a neutral feeling with the topic at hand. Perhaps the OP intended to insult the 360, I just didn't feel it was worth giving a biased troll response. But eh, I'm switching over to the Ps3 as well, so what do I know, right?

Xbox has no ga-

Let's not start.

I have a PS3.

It does everything I want it to.

I will also enjoy my exclusives.


You know what I expected that from Frank.


I did not indend to insult pepole that like the 360 I just said for me it was a wast of money because I only played JRPGs and NINJA GAIDEN 2 and GEARS OF WAR 2 I will be getting TALES OF VESPERIA for PS3 and THE LAST REMINIT for PS3Â NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 for PS3 as soon as they hit store shelfs in Japan.

I Imported my PS3 from Japan in November 2006 I got my XBOX 360 a year ago I just wonted to see what the 360 was like and I did not like it so I sold it.

Now that you've acted civil about it, I now know I can respect your opinion.AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.