I seem to have double NAT whit my ISP, what could I do?

Hello, I've the following problem:

I can't reach my home network from outside of my house, ports are blocked even after I open them on the router.

when I check my IP:

on the web it's something like 190.14x.xx.xxx
on my router it's 10.xx.xxx.xx (this is the IP the router gets from my ISP, it's also dynamic)
then the IP of my PC is 192.168.1.xx (common internal network)

so, after googling a little I understand that I'm behind a double NAT, the WAN IP of my router its actually an internal network IP from my ISP.

I just called my ISP and they tell me that I have to request a public IP to solve this problem.

¿my question is, is there any other solution that I could try and doesn't involve dealing whit my ISP before I attempt to request a public IP (which I don't even know how much they're going to ask me for)?

It looks like you're dealing with a carrier-grade NAT. You have to deal with your ISP for a solution.

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The is there anything infront of your firewall/router? Even if it is a modem, check the gateway that is being given to your router and see if you can log into it. If not, then you truly are behind a double nat. The other option is trying to use a VPN. If you can establish a VPN to where ever, then essential your router will be right behind the VPN IP address and then whatever ports you have open on your router will be open via the VPN IP. Also the router you are using is yours or provided by the ISP? If it is provided by the ISP, the only way to truly test your port forwarding/NATs are working is to unhook from the internet and put a computer on the same subnet your router is getting. Then try to telnet on that port, if it connects then it is open, if not then the port forwarding is not working as it is supposed to. I once had a router with customer firmware from the ISP and the port forwarding did not always work. Needless to say, had to bruteforce into the router and make changes at the true admin/root level.

The router is the one provided by the ISP, its one of those units that act both as a modem and a router meaning that it connects to my ISP through the telephone line. that is the only piece of equipment before my PC. I can login into it

I had tought about using a vpn but just wasn't shure if it would work the way you described it.

when you say i should try to telnet while unhooked from the internet, do you mean to connect the PC directly to the telephone line configured as if it where my modem/router? this is to verify that the port blocking is being done by my ISP on a remote device and not a fail attempt at opening the ports at the router level right?

Ahh, did not realize you have a ADSL router/modem. You will not be able to do what I suggested. Yes a VPN will work if the ports are being blocked, which I doubt they are. You could do goldenfrog vpn, which has different types of VPNs.

sorry, I didn't specify. my bad.

thank you for your input I will try the VPN solution.