I screwed myself going onto the AMD boat.... advise needed if i should swap over to Intel

Hi all

I've really got a huge problem and would need advise.
Am wanting to upgrade to improve the fps for bf3 and be prepared for bf4 running at resolution 2560x1440p, settings on ULTRA and a constant minimum of 60fps.

Current setup
Asrock 990fx Extreme 4
Sapphire 7950 OC
840 Pro
Antec HCG 750m
CM Evo 212
Shimian 27"
Overclock CPU (4.2) GPU (1000/1400)

What makes me tick is that, my brother has almost an identical build except for his CPU/Mobo being Intel (3570k/Asrock Extreme 4). For bf3 he is getting way higher fps  and his CPU/GPU are stock (non OC).
His fps at 2560x1440p (min:45 / max:130 / average 60-70+)

Compared to my current rig... its putting AMD to shame fps (min:35 / max:105 / average:50 to 60+)

The most econimical route for me is to get another 7950 and FX8350.
As FX6300 would most likely bottleneck 2x7950 fromw hat i've been reading online.
Seeing this bench from tomshardware
(CrossFire Versus SLI Scaling: Does AMD's FX Actually Favor GeForce?)

It seems that an AMD CPU + GPU in crossfire lags behind its Intel counterpart and suffers from microshutter.
At 1920x1080p the fps for a crossfire 7970 on a FX8350 benches 80odd fps... compared to 4770k 150odd fps
But after doing some searches online, there seems to be a patch for AMD drivers at the end of July that would boost FPS while in crossfire. Are the drivers out? Is that true? Would there be an improvement.

My question is, should i get another 7950+FX8350 or go Intel 4670k + 2 GTX 760 sli?

Which route would you advise me to take?
Mannnyy thanks!

well if your brother has arround the same setup same gpu.. then the cpu could be the bottleneck, but ofc a FX6300 isn´t as powerfull as an i5-3570K, but a FX8350 is. Battlefield 3 runs better on intel by the way, but not that much ☺




You know bf4 is tottaly AMD cpu and gpu optimised rigth?

You may what to wait for the new AMD cards thay will be out around the sametime BF4 comes to the pc (its allready been announced bf4 is to be bundled in the next 'never settle' game bundle.)

The FX 6300 is not as good as a i5 the FX 8350 is on par with a i5

Dice have announced that theya and AMD will be partners, that means that BF4 is gonna running much better on the AMD side than the intel/nvidia, i would get a 7970 and a 8350 or wait for the new AMD gen in GPU, it's gonna beat the crap out of your brothers computer :P

I would say overclock the crap out of the 6300 or get a 8350 .

FX8350 : all the way, when his brother has the same gpu, his brother i5 will still win in fps on BF3, but by just a few. but on BF4 things can be totaly diffrent ☺ a FX6300 is just not as powerfull as an i5 thats a fact. but the FX8350 is in most games more powerfull, or equal to a i5 .

The numbers you're getting are pretty typical for your setup, and they're not far behind your brother's anyway. I'd say get an fx-8350 and another 7950.

I say sell your FX-6300 get a FX-8350, sell your 7950 and get a 7970 or 780. in no case is multi GPU recommended, you get microstutter with both AMD and Nvidia, tho AMD's is worse. 

Coming from someone who has no first hand experience no doubt. I've had Sli and crossfire setups and never had any problems with microstutter. 

No its comming from someone who has read articles from people, who has used extensive equipment to examine what is delivered to the screen.






Its not like I'm alone with this view and grabbing it out of thin air, if this as you claim is not an issue, then why is all the big review sites changing their methods?

And add to that, not all people are equally sensitive to stutter, i have a friend who see's all as smooth with 20 FPS, where I make a facepalm.

My opinion will probably be seen as biased but, the fx 8350 and a hd 7950 is probably the better of the two options. The fx 8350 is only slightly worse than a 4670k, and the crossfire 7950's will definitley outperform the sli 760's. As stated previously, most battlefield games are AMD optimised. You'll also get much better performance in less cpu bound games than if you went with the 760's in sli.

it depends on the application optimization. 6300 is a 6-core, the i5 a quad. the i5 has better single-core performance, but the 6300 will probably be better in applications that use more than 4 cores...


Nope http://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/701?vs=699

if you have the dough, keep in mind that with amd, cards can be crossfired as long as the first 2 digits match. you can get a pretty good 7970 for $350, and upgrade your cpu. with the 7970 as the primary card, you would get better performance in games that don't work with crossfire... all for only $100 more, maybe even less, compared to getting a 7950 and 8350.

cost: $200 for cpu, plus $350 for the sapphire 7970. gpu has $20 rebate and they are combo'd together...

total: $510 after rebate

if you don't have the cash for that, then a cpu upgrade will probably help a bit, and a 7950 crossfire is not bad anyhow...

$200 cpu, plus $270 for a decent 7950.

total: $470

but, before you go and buy new hardware, try updating your catalyst drivers. amd has been working on them, and the results are looking great.

if you do need to upgrade, you can put the old 6300 into a home server or something, rather than just having it sit around


if you were to convert over to intel, however, you would need to get a whole new mobo, along with the cpu.

cpu: $240

 mobo: $100+ for a z87 that has enough pcie slots for cf

plus the cost of the gpu(s) (let's just say $270, a 7950)

total: $610+

I also discovered that all the haslel boards (except the sabertooth) only support ram speeds greater than 1600 if they are manually set as an overclock.

7970 and 8350 combo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1355929

Thanks for all the helpful replies :)

I guess most definite route is to get a FX8350 and the FX9000 series is pointless.

Regarding a crossfire 7950 im at a 50% 50% mark as im afraid that it'll under perform, claimed by several reviews and complaints on forums that a crossfire 7950 is getting little gains.

I wonder, has AMD released the patch yet?

if so, i'll be head over heels! :)




that is stock clock. OP has his 6300 running at 4.2 ghz

Microstutter is so unobvious when it does happen that the vast majority of people don't even notice it. It's like going from a 60hz monitor to a 120hz monitor and maxing out the frame rate. It's really not going to make much of a difference.

If someone gave you a dream rig with 4 cards in it, would you throw 3 of those cards away? Because I think you're crazy if you would just because of something as minimal as, "oh, I might get microstutter. Let's just sacrifice performance so that doesn't happen."


Let's put it this way, the more hardware you have in a computer, the more of a possibility of hardware complications you can run into. On the other hand, two graphics cards in crossfire are going to give you much more performance than a single card. Complications are minimal since crossfire has been around for at least 10 years, and microstutter rarely happens and either isn't noticeable or is barely noticeable to the vast majority of gamers.

Not to mention that this whole microstutter controversy started about two years ago. I'd be really surprised if they hadn't fixed the issue by now.

Also, Commisar has no idea what he's talking about. You can crossfire a 7970 with a 7950, but the 7970 would just downclock itself so it could match the 7950's performance. It would be a waste of $100, since the 7950 would just be bottlenecking the 7970.

I'd say wait till bf4, they claim it will be AMD optimized.. but we can't be sure.

OK so BF3 can only use 4 cores so going to an 8 core with the same cpu speed will only give you a small improvement. because the game could use one core per modual (2core per modual with the fx-series) because intell has better ipc the came will run better on intel but for games like crysis 3 witch uses up to 6 cores your cpu should be about the same as an i5. If you want to bet better preformacne goin with a fx 8350 can net you higher clock speeds. and better fps mins. you should be able to get 4.7 stable I can clock my fx 8350 to 5ghz but because of my cheep psu and week air cooler the best i can do stable is 4.7 but still if you can get 4.7ghz you should get around 38+fps for a min you should also see how far you can push your gpu Can you get 1.1ghz? that should get you a good boost. also if your going to oc can you push you chip to 4.6ghz that should get you an extra 3 fps for the mins. last point do you have the lates drivers?