I run the Overwatch Micro leagues

I run a little Overwatch discord(click here) that function as kind of a nexus for pugs. We sign on teams of all SR from all over the world and then have fun times and scrimmages together. It helps keep away some of the toxicity that the game notoriously has. I’d like to invite everyone who plays OW over to come check it out. If you’re looking for a team to join, or have a team to sign up, or even if you just want to shoot the shit with some other overwatch freaks. We are adults, and have a short list of rules. But mostly it’s just a hub to gather up and meet people who want to play OW seriously instead of goof off and throw.

Hope this doesn’t get misconstrued as self promotion. I just thought some of my fellow Overwatch players in here might be interested in my little amateur league thingy. It beats solo-queuing.

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