I released a Album on Bandcamp (MIDIEVAL)

Hi everyone,

After many hours of sleepless nights i am happy to say i released Midieval on bandcamp. Thanks to the Tek community and others for the continuing interest and support since i started down this music path. I would also like to mention that all my music can be used for content creation of any type. I have had quite a few questions about this so i thought it should be addressed somewhere. I licenses all my stuff under creative commons . To add to this i don't require or request you credit me. If you have bought the music then it is yours to do with as you please. Again Thanks and check out the album if you have time.

Bandcamp Link:

Youtube Playlist:


I especially like Dawn The Armor and Stumble.

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Thanks! I appreciate you checking it out.

That Farewell track was pretty cool. Glad you are still grinding away, Center of Interest EP was pretty good too.


Yeah i have been learning/ trial and error as i go. Thanks, it's much appreciated.

The interest has been great so far.