I recently built my first pc now im looking for a game to play

Ive been playing the hell out of FNV modded quite heavily.(The whole reason i wanted a pc) But now i want to play some multiplayer i think.  Now i really love games like Call of duty and battlefield. But i dont plan on buying another Cod unless the next one looks really amazing(except maybe cod4 so i could get the galactic warfare mod). Well my point is i like fps games. I have played bf3 on the consoles. And i wouldnt mind playing it again if you guys think its worth playing again on the pc the only reason im hesitant is bf4 should release later this year. So does anyone have some recommendations for some really good fps games im also looking for newer ones that also have mp. I have arma 2, bioshock infinite, deus ex,fallout 3 and FNV ,metro 2033, dead island and hitman.

The PC version of BF3 is better than the console version. It has larger multiplayer maps et cetera. Prepare to get beaten by everyone with more experience of PC controls, though ;D

I'd probably just wait until BF4 was released. I think you've got some good games listed. You could browse the selection of games on Steam. They have some good free-to-play games on there. Try Team Fortress 2? It is quite popular.

I might try TF2 its just that it looks so arcadey. I might just try farcry 3 or metro last light. Depends how bad my hankering for multiplayer gets.

It is free-to-play, should probably give it a go. It tends to be a little more fun with friends. Far Cry 3 is excellent on PC. FC3 does have a multiplayer expect to it, but I see more people playing Crysis 3 multiplayer.

Dam i keep forgetting about Blood Dragon. Stupid ubisoft making me use a separate download  service.

The unreal pack is on sale on steam.

5 unreal games for £5.75 allways good for some old skool madness

I kind of want something newer though. So i can put my new pc to good use.

You could try planetside 2. I know a few people who really like it. I am not really a shooter person though.

Metro Last Light and Crysis 3.

Can't go wrong with either of those games, and they're both very hardware demanding so they will put your computer to the test.

Blacklight: Retribution is a really cool shooter, great graphics and it's also free. If you want to play on a larger scale though I'd go with Planetside 2, just make sure you pick a good, balanced server before you settle in or buy any Station Cash. 

Garry's Mod is one of the most unique games out there and nothing can compare. It's only on PC.

But you need games like Half Life 2, Team Fortess 2 and Counter Strike: Source to get the files, or you can get them on garrysmod.org.



I thought this was that game on xbl or psn? I remembered playing something like it. Black light tango down or something? I assumed they were the same game. I remember it being one giant mess.