I really want to recommend the humble bundle

Yesterday i beat farcry3. So of course i was trying to find another game to play but i wanted something different. It was recommended to me that i could get the humble bundle. I was very hesitant to get it because most of the games looked like games i dont really like to play like awesomnauts and capsized to me they seemed to frenzied top down shooter or side scroller so i didnt think about. But i figured what they heck its just 5.84 for all 8 games anyway im sure they are at least worth that. So however ive been super impressed but ive only played "Little inferno" and Tiny and big:Grandpa's Leftovers. Little inferno is about burning things thats it. You burn objects in "the little inferno" fireplace. I spent hours yesterdat just burning items they all act differently when burned you can burn different combos of items in order to unlock stamps so you get more burnable items shipped to you quicker. Very fun and awesome. Today i was playing Tiny and big:Grandpa's Leftovers im not sure what the title means yet but so far its awesome. It has its own unique style similar to borderlands cel shading. You have to solve puzzles using your lazer, hook, and homemade rockets to cut apart stone pillars and make your path to the exit. So far these two games alone have been more than worth the 6 bucks i spent.

Always happy to help ;) 

Thanks. I'll have to give all the games a shot sooner or later but so far they are amazing.

I got the bundle last week, and out of it I would say my favorite games are Hotline Miami, and Awesomenauts.

I have a few of the titles in the bundle, but was curious about Hotline Miami and Proteus. Sadly, this will be another HB I'll skip out on.

I highly recommend Hotline Miami, defiently the best game out of the bundle. I've completed it twice and always dip in from time to time, amazing music, amazing blood and adrenaline fuled massacre. I'd even go as far as getting the bundle just for that game alone

what... I bought the bundle a few days ago, and they've since brought out a load of new games. It's best to wait when a humble bundle comes out, because they often do this.

when they add new stuff you can go back ad get them if you already got them, or add more if you didnt meet the average to get all the games