I really cant decide

So im going to save you the crap. I need help deciding whether to go with the NZXT Switch 810
or the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
These are the two cases i have decided to go with as these are the two i like the best. END OF
I do however appreciate that there are other cases that may be better (DEFINE R4/5) or worse but these are the two i like.
However any advice is appreciated

Both appear to be great cases. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. I would go for the Phanteks based solely on the fact that it is cheaper. You can use the cash you saved on better fans or something.

Personally like the look of the Phanteks but that is opinion.

I've been looking at Phanteks Enthoo Luxe for a long time now. I just cant get over the cable management options that go with it, and also it looks very appealing as well. Not to say that NZXT Switch 810 looks bad, in fact it looks pretty good, but Luxe has a bit more freedom and quality as opposed to that of Switch 810.

It would help if anyone has any pics of these cases as im on the uk and would not no where to start in looking for somewhere i can view them