I read and wonder. How is this better?

http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/11/mozilla-ends-google-relationship-firefox-will-now-default-to-yahoo/ I have to ask. Why not duckduckgo or a more privacy-based search. What the hell is Mozilla doing? Do they not pay attention.

That's a bummer. Yahoo! sucks. They use Bing search results (no problem with that) but their UI is horrible!

They introduced DuckDuckGo with the latest update. When I updated, I clicked on the "show me what changed" button and they showed that they have it by default now. I've had it for a while now though just via an add-on thing. As for why they are using Yahoo? I don't know. They probably had some reason. Maybe DuckDuckGo doesn't do well enough as a search engine yet, and people like names that they know? In my experience, DDG is pretty hard to get by with. I keep defaulting back to google because it simply finds what I want better.

look this really is not that bad for most people. there are 3 kinds  people in this world

1) People that call google, "The GO-Gle

2)People that prefer Ask.com


3) people that will just change the default browser and carry on using google or DDG...