I r alone on ps3

:( I been asking around if anyone from RTW has a ps3 but no luck. So I'll ask in a topic. Anyone have a Ps3? My PSN is Iceclops. :> I only own LittleBigPlanet and MGS4, But I'm good at Metal gear online. o: Anyone want to plaaaaay?

i'll add you but i dont own those games only socom and cod5 and bioshock

My brother owns a PS3 and i have an account on it. He owns Madden 10, Socom, COD 4, and resistance 2.

Nuuu nobody has the same games ;__;

sorry but my brother buys the ps3 games i build the pcs around here


Only the cool guys on RTW have PS3's.


I have LittleBigPlanet, Naruto UNS, getting red faction (or SF4) next time im going to oslo.. fucking idiots never called omg.

i got littlebigplanet, killzone 2, cod4, mlb 09 the show and UT3. Psn is enykrysis btw.


i have cod4, dont play it much though


I got a shit load of games.

Oh my god, I just got fat princess last night. Its so fun 8D


I got mine for free

PSN is Ultra42

I have lots of games all imports from Japan.

the reason why i dont have a ps3 -.-

Souless92 F/R me homedog. Catch me on Blaz Blue and SF4.

PSN > destrokK_ Â Â Â

i have LBP, MGS4, Skate2, and Soul Caliber 4

DestrokK, Let's play Metal gear online in 3 days from now. (August 22 is now).

the reason i dont own CONSOLES

i got cod4, red dead, lbp, fat princess and a bunch of other games.

ID: [b]Gabeums [/b]