I present: The Tek Audio Rips. In Torrent form

So I started an collection of all the tek audio a while back. So I decided I'd share it. I will seed this indefinitely, and try to update it. However I have made this folder on a disposable Google account with free write privileges.


Do with this as you may. As of 17.10.2015, I have all 203 The Teks.

Cheers, and happy listening.


Yay! Downloading. Thanks a bunch.

No problem. I figured I might aswell just share it. Seeing as I am now on my Universities internet, with a balanced 10/10 connection. I will put them on my laptop though so I can torrent them out from my comp sci lounge where we have gigabit.

Tell me when you start downloading one. Cuz at the moment I have no traffic flowing out of the system. Im just curious as to whether this is working or not.

Right, I was just about to say that I can't seem to connect to you as it started downloading :D. Seems it just takes a while, especially since I'm in Europe.
So, working fine here.

Yeah I see the traffic now. Is it completely saturating your network? Because to me it shows only 150KB usage.

It should be closer to 1000KB

Yeah it's not very fast, it's not using my connection to its full potential. Must be the connection and the distance between our computers.
Wow, just as I was about to click reply, the speed jumped up a little.

Good. Looks like it may steadlilly go up then.

It seems that I lost my internet connection for a while. Now I have to wait until it connects to you again.
Not a problem tho, I'm downloading this on my server and going to seed it afterwards for all you fellow tek people to grab.

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Excellent. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot. Keep seeding Community. :)

I know this is an old thread, but is it possible to get this seeded again? I'd really appreciate it.

There are podcasts for each Tek.