I plan to get into PC gaming sometime, what do games would you guys recommend?

Pretty much the title says it all. Sometime (once I save up enough money) I plan to get a gaming PC as I've had it with consoles. Thing is though, I have no idea what games I should get. So, that's why I made this thread, to ask you guys for any recommendations. Any genre is ok, I'm open to new things and all advice is appreciated :)

Well what type of games do you like?  I can give you a list of hundreds of games, but it'd probably be more helpful to name some that are relevant to your tastes.

Witcher 3 (RPG)

Battlefield 4 / Hardline (FPS)

No Man Sky (Adventure OpenWorld)

Warframe (MMO, 3rd Person Shooter)

Archeage (MMO)

War thunder (MMO)

League of Legends (MMO)

DOTA 2 (MMO harder than League of Legends)

and so on... mentioned will be out in few months = Witcher3

(there are many many more, if u want to play classics let me know -- there are plenty awesome ones out there.

I'm open to trying new genres, but the types of genres I usually play the most are fall under either the genre of RPG, FPS, Puzzle, and Strategy. I probably should have mentioned this originally :/

Thanks :)

Recommendations from my Steam Library (Newer Games):

Arma 3 (Realistic FPS)

Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm (Realistic FPS)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series (Slightly older Horror/FPS/Must-Buy)

The Witcher 1&2 (RPG First one is a bit rough around the Edges but has a fantastic story)

X3: Reuinion/Terran Conflict/Albion Prelude (Space Sim)

Crusader Kings II & Europa Universalis IV (Grand Strategy, Note: Steep as shit learning curve)

Ultimate General: Gettysburg (Civil War RTS-like)

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim (Skyrim almost requires a billion mods, Morrowind is hardest to get into but IMO is the best)

Mount & Blade Warband (Skill Based First Person Slasher/Strategy/RPG)

Nosgoth (New Class Based Online FPS)


Older/Nostalgic Games:

Fallout 1&2&Tactics (Turn Based RPG, Some don't like Tactics but all are great and the first two are Must-Haves)

Medieval II: Total War (Strategy, IMO the best in the series but others like the original Rome:TW)

Planescape Tourment (RPG Must-Have)

Baulder's Gate 1&2 (RPG Must-Have)

Roller Coaster Tycoon 1&2 (Theme Park Builder, still fun as shit)

Thief 1,2&3 (3 Suffers from some consolitis, but is still solid. Other two are fantastic stealth games)

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (Strategy/RPGish, Fantastic game but get the GOG version not the steam one)


I could go on but listing ~20 years of gaming history but there are lists on this site of people's favorite games (Having a freaking search function would help).

If a game is older, look and see if there are mods/community patches for it. Some newer games support it but even older games that weren't made to be modded have been to give them some better graphics/stability/compatability with new systems.

Also, Emulate. SNES, NES, Genesis, N64, GBA/GBC/GB, NDS, etc. etc. You have access to decades of games, many accessible for free both for PCs and older consoles.

Counter Strike Global Offensive


Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Wasteland 2, Fallout 1&2, Portal, Witcher trilogy, Diablo 2



Civilization (any of them)

Planetary Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation

The Metro Series

Half Life Series

The Witcher 1&2

The Elder Scrolls Series

Any of the Dues Ex Games

Star Citizen, Wing Commander, Elite


Papers Please

Hotline Miami

Faster than light, Rouge Legacy, Nethack 

Quake, Doom , Xonotic, Open Arena

Hawkken, Planetside

List of games that are Either PC Exclusive or Shine on PC




Planetary Annihilation (rts)

Planetside 2 (fps)

The Battlefield Series (fps)

Civalization (turn based strategy)

Half Life series (fps)

Bioshock series (fps)

The Command and Conquer series.(rts)

Portal 1 & 2 (fps)

Start downloading Fakefactory HL2 Cinematic mod NOW if your internet is slow.

Also I would advise getting a steam account before you build your PC in-case there are any sales you might miss if you wait. :)


I would not recommend Archeage. That game was fun and enjoyable around v1, but after they started messing with the trading systems and everything and turned the game into a mega grind, I hated it. I don't mind working for something in a game, but a game were you have to spend 24/7 for weeks playing to get anything is bad.


I recommend 

Deus Ex series (FPS rpg)

Dragon Age Series (RPG)

The Command and Conquer series.(RTS)

Assassin's Creed series (RPG)

Saints Row Series (If you like GTA its the same concept, just with stupid humor)

Even if you've already played it on the console, get Skyrim and mod it you won't be dissapointed!

ArmA 3 all the way.

The new Homeworld Remastered!!! :D

I've got this and I'd recommend steering clear of it for a while, too many bugs also it's really not much of an upgrade over Homeworld 2.

12 years worth of advancement for some hi res textures, better LODs and a terrible UI does not justify its price tag in my opinion. I've literally spent more time playing Homeworld classic than I have playing the remastered since I've bought it.

All the Fallout games.

In what universe is Assassin's Creed an RPG? Also, why on Earth would you recommend it? After Ezio's story, the ports to PC went horribly wrong and the only recent good one (as in game, not port) is Black Flag.

The orginal wasnt perfect by any stretch. The online play and the modding is what made it great the first time. For me at least, I would wait for the multiplayer to be sorted out. But we knew that? If you never played it? Its worth your consideration. Personally i would recommend you start with some classic games and work you way forward. Just for the understanding. Believe me when i say, right now its all just clones of clones with different themes. The most orginal i have seen is goat simulator. :)~


To me they are more RPG then what I they are labeled, "Action". 

I did enjoyed them for the story, not all of the game play. The last 2 have been some what of a let down, but again I played them more for the story then the gameplay.