I/O Shield help

it wont fit in my case. help ?

It should do, It only fits on one way, I hope you checked several times.
If not there are 2 choices : Complain with the guy who sold you the case, or do what the picture says.

cant i just not use it and put like tape on the empty places ?

Can you post pictures of just how it doesn't fit?

i/o shields are all standard? only mini itx could probably be diffrent..

i know ! its so weird ! i just stuck it with tape :/ now i cant connect some cables and it looks so ugly 

thats realt wiered yes


what ?

you can install youre  board without io shield, looks probably better and more safe, but its still strange io shields are standard, and thoses holes in the case are also standard...

maybe search the internet, if there are more people with same issue. ofc you can made youre self a custom one, if you handy enough ☺

but what exactly doesnt fit? is it to small? or is it not clicking in ? if its not clicking in, but the size is ok, then you maybe can use locktide, to fasten it in the hole./

i have never in all my time seen an i/o shield that wont fit.

post a pic please.