I Never Thought I'd Say This: 'I really like XFCE...'

Pretty sexy, eh, EH?!

But seriously. When I’ve used XFCE in the past, it was buggy, screen tearing, low budget, and experienced very little in the way of maintenance or updates. If I installed a distro that came with it out of the box, I would immediately install Gnome or Mate.

However, I’m finding it quite pleasant to use. It wasn’t by choice (per se), I decided to give Fedora Security Labs a real run through the gauntlet, and it comes with XFCE. Makes sense. Very lightweight desktop, small attack vector, etc.

But, after installing nVidia graphics (another +1 to negativo17 for making the process insanely painless), I found that after disabling the compositor and using nVidia’s… It’s really nice!. It stays out of your way for the most part. Having to go UP to get my task bar is a bit odd at first, I keep launching another instance of terminal, Firefox, etc. rather than open the minimized instance.

I’ve heard they’ve done a lot of good work, and I have to say I’m impressed. I may try it out on other distributions.

As a bonus, you guys get to see the new office :grin:

Some of you may know I just moved, so everything is coming along.

Wall swag

Something different…

Rat’s nest :grin:

Reppin more than one thing here

Muh knowledge

I decided to tear down the multi monitor beast. My wife needed an extra monitor for working from home. Being a gentleman, I gave her one of mine.


I’ been tellin y’all XFCE is supreme for years but nooooooooooooooooo.

Good to see my virus has infected others. :3

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I like XFCE with Docky. Probably more than GNOME even.

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Can you add another panel for the window list at the bottom? And maybe use a different icon set? :stuck_out_tongue: I like how minimalist and light it is.

+1 for the books/topics


I’m guessing a passport would be redundant, eh?

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You’re missing the Guide to World Domination by Pinky.

Pretty sweet setup though and agree with Xfce with being decent.

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Why wouldn’t you? Or anyone else?

Lol something like that. :grin:

I’ll give that a shot, thanks!

I think that may have been my original issue. It looks “old” by default. That’s a good idear.

Just expired :frowning:

Lmao. Thanks, though! It does feel refreshing. Kind of like using Budgie for the first time.

Initially, I disliked the archaic look and feel, screen tearing, and buggy interface. This was maybe five years ago?

Things have changed a lot. I tried it with Debian a while back and couldn’t drag a window from the bottom monitors to the top one. The mouse cursor would go, but the window would stick. :man_shrugging: could’ve just been bad timing

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I really like KDE, ive used it for a few distro installs and it works well. Ive tried XFCE the last time I had Manjaro installed. I really enjoyed it. Personally I think KDE looks better, but that is subjective. XFCE is very light weight. On future installs, it will be one of my goto desktop environments.

My first DE was XFCE about 3 years ago. It’s very good. Lightweight, customizeble and has all one needs. Oh and has good out of the box apps like Thunar and stuff. Tearing was a problem, but I just slapped Compiz on top of it all and that was it.

Atm I use KDE Plasma 5, but mostly coz I am too lazy and busy to change it back to my beloved i3wm. :wink: