I need your input on this


I have this LG V50, that suddenly got a big fat green stripe across the screen while holding it. It wasn’t dropped or anything. As it is under a year old, I end up sending it back to the seller/ importer on ebay for warranty.

Today I received this massage, with these pictures attached:

“Hello. we got a phone. Why do you cook for us that the phone is a problem with the screen? It is perfectly visible that you hit the phone in place with the case at the top of the screen. What caused the screen defect.”

I really can’t see what clear damage she is talking about.
The cheap phone case is just there to keep the phone from mashing buttons in it’s original packaging under transport, and have nothing to do with the phone per se.

So I ask what damage, and ask if she means the case? I also informed her that I had my local phone repair shop taker a quick look at it before sending it to the seller, and they said it was a typical LG manufacture defect:

I get this response:

“Listen. We will show you that the phone is damaged! it is perfectly visible in the place where the line is on the screen! this is not a warranty repair !! In this case, we cannot help. These are not warranty issues.”

I asked if she would point out where the damage she was talking about is located, because I simply couldn’t see it.
No reply…

So now I ask you guys. Am I going Crazy or does she actually mean the antenna bands?!..

There is no obvious damage to the bevel on the phone itself. Ask them to prove the phone is damaged by removing the case and showing you the damage on the bevel. Hopefully you have some pre-shipment pictures of these as you can deal with Ebay directly if they continue down this path.

We do phone repair here and my phone guy said that screen damaging hits usually have visible scuffs or bends to the bevel of the phone itself or the glass will be damaged.

Phones inside a case are supposed to be able to handle a corner drop.

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I asked them to circle out the damage they were talking about, because I didn’t see what they were talking about. No answer.
I think the base all this on a cheap snapped phone case. There simply isn’t any damage or scratches, not cracks in those pictures. The corners aren’t scratched either.

I have never dropped the phone. The case snapped it’s corner from taking the phone out it the case.

I think what they are suggesting is that the case got hit so hard on that part and the damage transfered through the bevel to just the display. Just a guess here though.

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I explained to them that the case has nothing to do with the defect, since I didn’t even use it at the time.
They haven’t shown any damage to the phone. You can even press next to the green line at the bottom of the phone and the line will change colour. Nothing suggest ay damage to the top. I never dropped it. And they aren’t0evactly showing me any evidence of a dropped phone. There are non, because I have never dropped it.
They just assume without actual testing it. Which is totally bullshit and not lawful either.

Yes from what you’re posting they are not trying to honor warranty.

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So now I have to make them send it back, which they properly want me yo pay for, and then I have to try getting my money back via PayPal.

I would get my legal protection insurance involved and have the lawyer set a deadline for repair or refund.

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This. I’m so glad I got legal insurance. I just call my lawyer, insurance pays,and I don’t have to bother with this stuff anymore. Usually mentioning legal actions alone saves you a lot of trouble.

Dead/defect phone within warranty period? It’s your right, dont get fooled by evasive corporate support staff. They are trained to delay or twist facts to save the company money.

This is an European thing. :stuck_out_tongue: