I need your help contacting Wendell

hello L1 community.

i know im new here and nobody knows who am i.

for a project i need to ask and get permission from him, dont want to my post or i get ban /deleted.
this is very important, can not put all the details here at the moment.
i will explain in detail everything to him.

please forward this topic to him if you have direct contact.
thank you
have a great day or night

Might help if you were at least vague instead of just “I need a chat”.

hello. thank you for responding.

im starting a privacy first non profit vpn service and need his permission to jump start it from here.
i know it was vague in the topic but it is matter of opsec and my safty is on the line.

thank you.

I’d say, if you’re serious, email Louis Rossmann.



Leave your e-mail and public pgp key, we will inform him and if he wants to, we will reply.

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You can also contact him directly at contact us | Level One Techs

i did, no response. perhaps they are busy or not in the office.

[email protected]

is the email address for contacting level one.

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Or maybe he’s not interested. :confused:

hope he is just busy, a few hours ago finally message him directly. after message button activated for me. and send all the details,

personally i learned a lot from him and team on the YT channel going back 2011.
hopping for positive response from him.


PSST! its the weekend…

with any luck wendells getting drunk while watching dvd remasters of star trek. :wink:


lol @ Wendell getting drunk. That being said, I hope it’s a good weekend for everyone!


Why do you need his permission? Just do it.

this is his platform and out of respect.

thank you guys. it is done.

He replied? What news did the raven bring… :wink:

yep, he is ok with it, but waiting for the green light.

Cool :+1:

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Its not Wendell bobble heads, is it?

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