I need you guy's opinion on this

yea no viruses

Damn dude this sucks.  At my school I have around 400 GB

yes that's what i mean we live in 2013 for christ sake.

That has to be the dumbest thing ever. You would think that as an IT guy he would try to push for change. In my school I have 500 GB + 10 GB on Google Drive/Chrome Books. And the IT Guys in my school are try to get the board to let them teach Java as a elective. 

I know that I was able to get a 50MB extension on the amount of allocated storage at my school (which was needed as the I.T. course requires you to do a lot of video editing). Perhaps if enough people face the same issue and ask nicely enough you will be able to get some amount of extra storage.

That being said, damn your I.T. department is really out of touch with things. 10MB is enough for a lot of text, but some of the images I work with daily exceed 10MB. In my opinion, it's not enough to do anything with really. I'm surprised you've been able to do your school work for this long.

do you guys do any kind of administration? 10MB is plenty for word docs and power, word docs are like 100KB for a book,, maybe 2MB for a power point, delete old projects that you don't need, server space is valuble and the schools don't have budget to upgrade their old ass servers that probably only have like 80GB of space

the worst part is the pcs dont show how big documents are, it said my pp was a few kb but the it guy told me they were a few mbs big so idk what that's either.

You could always try using optical media maybe, but that might get pretty bulky.

10mb was allot in the 80's, not 10 years ago.

Your options: Use Online storage , bring a Laptop (thats what i did) , go and petition for more storage: Rally at least 10 friends and annoy the It-guy again, when he says "NO" again (which he will), go over his head and ask his boss probably the schools principle: Stay friendly ! & don't get side tracked.

im gonna have to add onto this one. my school district 12 years ago gave every student 200MB for storage.

thats a ton of space for 12 years ago and it held up pretty well until about 3-4 years ago when they upgraded the computer labs to i5s. then they bumped it to 2GB/user.

your school is technologically inept. get a group of 100+ students and their parents, sit in a school board meeting and BOMBARD THEM WITH THE SAME QUESTION TIL THEY BREAK. it will work. just takes time.

just go th the pincepal and explain that an average powerpoint is 3 mb of space, and a a text document 1 mb, and it wouldnt matter usually but all usb sticks are not allowed.  note that these sizes are from using microsoft word 2010, hd images in the powerpoint and rich text.

dont have the budget????? wtf a 500gb hdd is only $50 and an 80gb i can get used for $10

The 10 MB is ridiculous, but the USB isn't actually all that surprising after some friends of mine discovered a way to make an administrator account on my school's computers using a USB file and some fancy coding set to autorun when it's plugged in :)

XD lols