I need you guy's opinion on this

So at our school we work alot with computers ( powerpoints, words, etc ) but we are only given 10 MB to work with, yes you heard me. Now usb devices won't connect either since only the IT people can do that kind of stuff and so i went to the person in charge and i told him my story that i coudn't save my work for school, afther a while he said this an i qoute "we've given each student 10 mb of space and it has been like this for 10 years and you're not in right to demand anything from me as such thing" and i can't understand this since 10 mb might have been alot 10 years ago but not anymore 10 mb is nothing, so i would like to heir you guy's opinions on this since i think it's bullshlacker.

that's pretty bad but google drive is free for like 10gb... :) just email stuff to yourself and do shit like that. still, your school's policy seems pretty outdated, you could just save everything as .txt and then when they ask why just say you haven't got enough space for rich text.


yea the guy didn't sound like change was hapening anytime soon, i'm not done with the case though


10mb hasn't been a lot of space in a lot more than 10 years.  Of course, if it was just for text documents I suppose it wouldn't be that bad.  I mean, that would be, what, like 10,240,000 characters, which would cover a lot of term papers.  For power point presentations, maybe not so much.  Yeah, if you have internet access, upload your files there (you can save them in your e-mail as an attachment on a draft, or like someone said above use a service like google drive/google docs) once you are done with them and keep your onsite storage clean.  Plus, that way you can work on them when not in class/on the school network (I'm assuming a school that only allocates 10mb of storage space for it's students isn't set up to allow remote access lol).

yes, for documents it's plenty but when trying to make a fleshed ou pretty powerpoint it's not so good ):

Looks like you need to go above him. Try bringing it up at a PTA meeting because it's more then just your self going against him, you have ANGRY MOTHERS.

just setup an ftp server at home, and save all your work there ☺


What kind of shitty policy is that.  No USBs, either.

And I though my poor, janky, nerd school was shit.

i shoudn't have to make a ftp server at home just for powerpoints

Try something like this. Go up to him again, try to be nice. Say something in the lines of. I unforchanetly need more space, i understand 10mb should be enough for most people,but i am not most people. What would it take to get everyones accounts upgraded?


If that doesnt work, do what i did. I brought in about 10 of my laptops (old ones), my friends did the same. Dns the system so much that no one can use the internet, cant login, cant do anything to do with the network. If you plan it well too like i did, do it when a large meeting via webcam is happening. If the principle (or whatever) cant use it he/she will realise it needs upgrading

i would go up to the guy again but i don't think he will change anything if i go there with just my opninion, i need more people that have had the same issue. I already have 1 but that's not enough and i don't have any laptops.


Maybe try and get everyone the option of using usb
what is stopping you from using it? physical, software?
If i could get a bit more infomation (if software) i could make a workaround that would either

1. give you those rights 2. stop the function, stopping you from using usb (if its stopping you from installing drivers, there are plenty of usb's that come with universal drivers)

im not quite sure what is stopping us from using a usbbut my friend asked the guy few days ago and apparently only the IT guys could use usbs ( teachers can't either ) so i think it's software.

They probably have disconnected the usb ports

this might work, but idk if the guy blocked run too i can't remember. I might have forgot to say that the pcs run on windows XP and ALOT is blocked so idk if i can even acces the search bar or run i don't think so.


any other ways of doing it if that one failes?

what can you run?
.exe .bat ect...
can you check the basic admin privilages

Im starting work on a application that should work to open up your usb ports (if thats whats happening, just spec now)

But as your system admin is 10 years in the past, just try changing your settings, net user admin ect... via cmd 

i can check on monday til then i can't really say alot :(

It really sounds like you need a new system/admin badly
try getting alot of your friends together, maybe add a virus (i can help code if you would like), dns attack, destroy one of the hdd used for the server (backup everything first)

Just remember the line between constructive breaking and breaking everything.  


Until I get this program up and running thats waht i would suggest

I was with up until "maybe add a virus", that's the kind of stuff that gets kid suspended/expelled.