I need website design help

Im trying to create a website as a way to show some skill in HTML and stuff to employers as well as host a portfolio online so that i may show this to potential employers in my area in Canada, i dont feel confident in my UI designing skills and wanted to get some advice from the community.

my webpage is http://jonnyp3f.tech/


Its not the best I have seen, but there is such a lack of material here that there isn't a clear direction you should move in.

The resume section really needs some better formatting.

I would also try to go with a back ground other than black. I would try and do something similar to what level 1 tech has done with the whole circuit board back ground.

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its really just an About me web page, i want to add some other stuff like some guides that i make and some code downloads that im working on, the main objective is to get into software development

Hi! Not bad for a first try, but here are some suggestions:

For the contact us link, since you are just doing an email address, you might want to format it like so to streamline the process a little:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Contact</a>

I would also arrange the links so it's "home, "about/resume", then "contact". This is a more standard layout.

Usually resumes are also included as a pdf document for download. I would recommend doing this for potential employers who may want to print a copy (especially prior to interviews).

As others mentioned, the formatting is a bit rough on the resume page. I might recommend taking a look at standard resume layouts online to get a better idea of how to order your headings and what sizes they should be. For example, I would put your "technical skills" in a section at the bottom, and move your education and previous job listings higher up. Maybe make the h2 headings a bit smaller as well so they feel less overwhelming/competing with the h1.

Also, describe your responsibilities at your past jobs! It looks good when you can explain what you learned and worked on previously. You may also want to include a line at the end of your resume with "references available upon request"; and ask some of your old managers if you can give out their contact info to potential employers.

Add some photography and other details to let us know more about you! Minimalism can work, but the web is a great chance to show off some things that you can't typically do in print. It will also show off some of your programming skills if you have a few simple animations sprinkled around.


Yeah, Definitely try not to use black as the background, even if it does look kinda cool and retro. If you want to make a minimal color change use white with grey to darker gray gradient. 2cents.
and i know its most likely not completed so just make sure you keep your capitalizations consistent (lowercass all, uppercase all, or paragraph case all)

I would still fix the black.

I know this sounds crazy, but all black is kind of unprofessional. If you are going to show this to someone who may be interested in hiring you, all black is a bad choice.

Its probably not an issue today, but black is the color of death. If you wear all black then it portrays a very morbid feeling to some older HR people.

I know it sounds absolutely stupid, but trust me, you run into the most persnickety hr people in the IT world.

same people who think tatoos are the sign of lucifer.
what an amazing world to be apart of.

Nothing triggers my design OCD more than inconsistent alignment and typography.
Especially when elements 'dance' around when clicking from page to page.
Precision = Neatness counts.

Please dig into the code and make sure that every element has pixel perfect placement on every page.

However, breaking alignment on things that you WANT to call attention to works also, but only if you have already established a rhythm and pattern to break.

Heading = alignment #1. Sub-head = alignment #2. Body = alignment #3. etc. Two fonts maximum.

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Yep, either that, or a print view, maybe both. Though the print view looks ok-ish already.

Overall the design looks very bootstrappy though (it's just a thing). You're also one of the people who just include the complete CSS instead of compiling their own (which is fine if you're using a CDN, but from your own server it's somewhat pointless). Show what you can do and compile your own SASS or LESS version without having to overwrite every single style :wink: When you're done with that you can probably add "Basics in NodeJS/Grunt/Gulp" to your resume :slight_smile:
On a sidenote, jQuery is supposed to be included before the bootstrap JS, and you "could" load them async for faster loading times, depending on what those actually do (I haven't looked at it specifically). Then you can start adding a slight hint of speed optimization to your resume :slight_smile:

Also (being nitpicky and I have a thing for spelling errorssorrysorrysorry):

Objective: To attianattain an entry level [...]

Though you should already have an entry level experience, no?

Framilliar with git for windows
Framilliar with Pl/SQL
Framilliar with github


Knowledgeable in My SQLMySQL

I would add what exactly "knowledgeable" means for you. MySQL is a very broad concept. Just the basic management? Filling it up with data and backing up? Complex queries? Performance optimization?

Set up various LAMP servers for web pages for projects

It's pretty obvious it should be for web pages :slight_smile:

PS: HTML5BP favicon much? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the advice guys! I will post when updates are made :slight_smile:


i have no professional programming experience, all my other jobs were cooking jobs,

Some updates have been made, im not sure if i like the background, might try to find somthing a little lighter in color.


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I am nearly done with a major update to my site. I like most it but I made the home page graphically busy and exciting. Most of the collage images are links. Maybe it's too busy?
Clicking on the wood plaque fades the collage, so one can read the text.

Meh... nobody looks at my site so I do what I want, no matter how screwed up it may be.

First impressions are key.
I would drop the images in the background and just go with a solid background.

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Did you try the site? The Home page has no collage background image.

In the upper left of the wood plaque, 'click here' loads the collage version of the Home page. The collage was done in WIX, not Photoshop as an experiment. Most of the 2nd Home page is "Live". The collage pictures have links to other pages.

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