I need to upgrade, but i need advice

Ok so i have had the same computer for almost 2 years which runs games like bf4 and bioshock infinite on ultra settings 1080p no problem and i happen to have myself a copy of watchdogs for my pc and so i installed it and much to my sadness it only ran at 15 fps on lowest setting possible, about an hour thinking and software trouble shooting i came to the conclusion that it was my hardware. Now i dont know how its possible but i have a similar Pc that i set up which has and older graphics card yet i was able to run watchdogs at 70fps on medium.

System specs one (running at 15fps)

amd a10 5800k @ 4.2 ghz (Overclocked from 3.8ghz)

gskill 8gb 1600mhz ram

asrock fm2a55m-dgs mobo

500w psu

Sapphire r7 260x oc edition 2gb gddr5 @ 1.2 ghz (Overclocked from 1.1ghz)

System specs two (running at 70fps)

amd fx 6300 @ 3.5ghz

8gb 1333 ram

sapphire hd 7750 1gb gddr5 @ 850mhz (Overclocked from 800mhz)


the first system beats the second one in everything but watchdogs, Any ideas ? 

Poor coding - it could be a driver issue, or Watch Dogs. I've noticed a bug on one specific game where the frame rate would would tank to 20FPS, and I'd have to disable v-Sync, but doing that caused the locale error, effectively breaking the game and making it unplayable, so I had to restart the game. FPS was back to 120FPS and everything was dandy. Then I'd restart the game again, and same shin-dig. This doesn't happen on my laptop. 


  • 2500k, 8GB RAM, GTX 760,


  • Core i7 4810MQ, 8GB RAM, GTX 860M (Maxwell).

Given that there are so many configurations, it just might be that specific one. Best advice I have is to monitor the hardware utilization in the background, using some sort of task manager in combination with GPU-Z. Play around with video settings too. Disable any anti-virus. Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Thanks ill try that :)


Blame NVidia:

I’ve been testing it [Watch Dogs] over the weekend on a variety of newer AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, and the results have been simultaneously fascinating and frustrating. It’s evident that Watch Dogs is optimized for Nvidia hardware, but it’s staggering just how un-optimized it is on AMD hardware. I guarantee that when the game gets released, a swarm of upset gamers are going to point fingers at AMD for the sub-par performance. Their anger would be misplaced.

What you’re seeing in the benchmarks above is a $500 AMD video card (Radeon 290x) struggling to keep up with a $300 one (GTX 770) from Nvidia ...

...AMD’s 290x graphics card performs 51% better than Nvidia’s 770 on one of the most demanding PC titles around,Metro: Last Light — which also happens to be an Nvidia optimized title. As you would expect given their respective prices, AMD’s flagship 290x can and should blow past Nvidia’s 770 and compete with Nvidia’s 780Ti on most titles


Oh no wonder :/ damn Nvidia oh well