I need to move my cable modem. Need a splitter

I have giga-blast from Cox communications. I plan to move my cable modem to another room and I will need to split the existing coax cable.

What splitter should I get? Also, what type of coax should I use?

You want a splitter that does not amplify the signal to the modem. Amazon sells them. So one side won’t amp and other side will. Are you using the TV services?

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No other TV services, just a cable modem.

So why would you need to split the incoming cable?

Good question. Currently the modem is in the living room. I want to move it to my networking/office room. There might be a possibility of adding other “service” to the living room or possible “roommate agreement” for two modems. I don’t know yet. I thought maybe future proofing…

I searched amazon and found https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007YV0UQW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_SM2KA5NYP031FTKMAR51

Do you want to share your internet connection between two or more machines? You don’t need a separate modem, or to split the cable for that. If your modem has only one ethernet port on it, then get a cheap ethernet switch for $20 or so, and plug your PCs into that instead.

@redocbew Thank you, i’m already aware.

Having called yourself “dottedquad” I figured you might have some background here, but I’m confused what all this fuss about splitting cables and second modems is all about.

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There isn’t any fuss. I asked what splitter should I use for splitting coax cable. I probably should of formulated my question better… I’ll purchase the splitter and give it ago.

Thanks for the replies.

Well unless you need the coax for two cable items I would just use a junction and coax cable. You running through wall or is this already in attic?

I apologize for the late response. There is only one coax cable which is ran to my living room. The room that I would like to move the modem to doesn’t have coax. I found where the coax comes into my house which is in my garage wall. The house is two stories so it might be difficult to trace the wire between the two stories.

I was thinking of maybe leaving the coax cable where it is, cut and add the splitter to run a new coax line to the other room?

Are you going to just run along baseboards?

I will most likely run the second cable along the baseboard

Well a splitter is fine but unless you plan on using the coax in the living room also you could just use a coupler.

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RG6 cable is what you should use also.

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@sanfordvdev Thank you. You helped me out a great deal.

@redocbew I apologize if I seemed rude. That was not my intention.