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I need to dual boot. Is it the right decision?

Before you ask. Yes. I did try everything I could but I have 2 important needs that Linux can’t solve. 1st is heavy modded Skyrim SE. I tried getting Mod Organizer 2 working to a success but installing 400 mods it’s just not possible. 2nd is Euro Truck Simulator 2’s map editor which only works in Windows. I can get it working on Linux but loading a map gives me an error. Gpu passthrough with one gpu also not possible. This leaves me with dual boot as the last option. Should I do it for 2 programs?

Absolutely yes if they are of enough importance to you to do so.



In the age of virtual machines and pretty good emulation, there’s rarely a reason to dual boot - but once in a while, it just won’t meet your needs.

Also, honestly, if I’m playing video games of any sort, there’s not much else I’d have that computer running in the background. Call me crazy, but I’d keep my Skyrim separate from a server box.

Also also, I’m a fan of $0 solutions. Maybe hardware changes would do the trick (like another GPU, or a CPU with integrated graphics for instance), but is it worth that money? Not when there’s a $0 solution.

Given your history on the forum and the troubles you seem to be struggling with I’m going to recommend you dont dual boot. I’m going to recommend you stick with just using windows. It does everything you want it to already and you seem to only have a problem with the fact that its not free. This is not worth the other problems it seems to be giving you in my opinion.

I use exclusively windows on my gaming machine and on my NAS I use exclusively linux and linux VMs. The right tool for the job is just the right tool for the job. I dont ask my drill to do any hammering.

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Yeah. But I am the leader of a unofficial Linux Mint Discord server. I can’t leave Linux now.

You can still use linux, but dual booting is a waste of time and effort IMO. Use the OS that makes sense for the machine that you’re using. Letting a discord server dictate your operating system is beyond pointless. Its your life, stop letting people tell you what to do with it, or looking to others for what operating system fits YOU and what you do with it. Go ahead and dual boot if it makes you happy, but you gotta stop caring about how others perceive you and your OS of choice. At the end of the day their opinion doesnt change what software makes sense for you.


Tnx bud. I’ll go back to Windows and run Mint in a VM.


I would look at maybe getting an older laptop or something of a cheap second computer for a dedicated linux machine. I’ve been using linux off and on for 14 years and the best setup to me is an uncomplicated one. Running as a VM in windows is nice for testing but unless there is some software you cant live without on linux, I wouldn’t do that daily.

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That’s nice to see/hear.

At the end of the day the OS you choose is down to your own usage, the YMMV is true and you don’t need to feel left out just because you’re using windows.