I need something to cover the fans out side of the case any Ideas?

I just purchased the corsair Vengeance C70 and to fit my Kraken X60 240mm radiator in the top I can only have 2 fans inside the case, so if I want to keep my push pull configuration i will have to install 2 fans and the radiator in the top of the case in push then I need to mount the pull fans outside of the case on top. I have done this before with my older cases and builds and I hate the way it looks.

So I was wondering if there was some kind of grill or cover or hood scoop looking thing that will either hide the fans or just make it look not so ghetto. I have no problem either building something or purchasing something. Links and pictures are definitely appreciated.

Do you have a 3D printer? Could print something & paint it maybe? Idk. Got zero experience in that field.

No 3d printer sorry wish I did.

Personally I would hit up a car parts shop and see if they have any of that mes people like to put inside after market bumpers to make them not full of holes. This stuff.

And cut and bend it into a cage and secure it, all that part is up to you.

That is what i was thinking personally was just wondering if any one had a better or more creative idea more than one head is better you know.

There are these........... http://www.rpelectronics.com/cooling-fans-accessories/fan-accessories/fan-guards

Yeah I know Ive seen those I was looking for something that would make it look more natural and streamlined so it wouldn't be ghetto looking Ive found cooler looking grills than those too.

If I were you, I'd try first if running the Kraken in a simple push configuration might not be sufficient for your cooling needs. If you get a temperature rise of just a few degrees it might not be worth bothering pulling off the push/pull (scnr).

Why not just get a radiator shroud like this:


Just find one that fits your case and fans (or mod one that's close). You can find them pretty much anywhere that sells water cooling parts.

Yes that's perfect find something like that then buy a grill or make on out of mesh to put on top.
But damn it's expensive for a thin piece of metal $36.00

Found a video with it mounted on a guys custom build it looks nice I do have to say

Off topic any one recommend white led's to install under the mother board and around the case I want it to be more of a glo then just a bright light. Also a recommendation on a led controller.