I need some opinions about upgrading my pc

Well, i currently have an a4 6300 with a broken motherboard, 4gb of ram and a generic psu, i don’t know if i should keep the processor, i have a pretty tight budget (around $200-350)
If you guys can help me i would be more than happy, thanks
(i don’t want something that can run bf1 at ultra because that’s impossible but if i can play it at medium settings i’m happy)

fffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck. You’re at my level dude LOL.

Ok well your best shot is scrapping and finding university sales. There may also be a kind soul on the forum who would be willing to sell you something cheap.

Personally Imma be that guy and say find a phenom at a PC shop that the shop doesn’t want, X4 940 should be your lowest point, and build on that. Phenoms are balls to the walls expensive online but you can get them for like 5 bucks in shops because they have piles of them in some places. My local shop can’t get rid of the fucking things fast enough.

Now before some crusty fuckbeard comes in here and shits everywhere, I had a 955 and played everything in my steam list with it.

It should be easy-ish to find a GTX 950 used. I WOULD recommend AMD if any cards were real. Ram is also cheap used if its OEM, so keep an eye out on that one.

Good luck OP.

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You would be hard pressed to build anything new with that budget, and it may or may not be worthwhile to throw good money after bad to reuse that processor in another build. If you can get a really cheap replacement motherboard to hold you over for a bit then that would be the cheapest solution. You would want to save money to replace it, or upgrade components that could transfer to a new build, so I would be looking at ~$50 or less boards.

Do you have any kind of graphics card? And if so, was there any overhead on the power supply to support something that draws more power? Buying a used CPU + motherboard would be a good way to go if you want to put something together yourself. Again, buying new can quickly go down a rabbit hole of needing to spend much more money.

It might be possible to get a new generation motherboard with the lowest end CPU possible and still come out slightly ahead of what you were using. If the 10 mm CPU’s were out I would call it a no-brainer to get the newest board and find a better CPU later when you can afford it. After looking it up (I know nothing of AMD from the past decade) it looks like the lowest end processors for recent sockets from either team would give you a good performance bump, and still leave you the option to upgrade the cpu at a later time. There have been a few really decent lowered end processors with a good price to performance ratio, but I’m personally going to wait for 10nm to hit.

If you are relying on iGPU only then that would have to be taken into consideration. A lot of times a high end dedicated GPU that is 10 generations old will still blow an iGPU out of the water if you can find one for cheap.

Otherwise it might be best to just hunt down one of those cheap used deals where it is something like a 2nd - 3rd generation i5 and just swap the guts into your rig, reusing any parts you have that would benefit the build. There won’t be much or any options for upgrading it, and using new parts on an old machine can quickly get out of hand, but it would be something that works within your budget. You might be able to afford an SSD, mouse, keyboard, speakers/headphones, or something else going this route, which could be useful long after the CPU has lived a useful life.

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If you have a GPU maybe you can get away with a Ryzen 3 1200, a 60$ mobo and one stick of RAM. Other than that I don’t think the FX6300 is worth trying to use again if you have to invest more than 50-70$ on a motherboard for it. Maybe find a deal on a used combo AM3 motherboard + RAM.

best bet, its to get something like a Optiplex 7010 and a used 950, it will fit the budget and provide great Performance/$


Yeah this

I would suggest slowly building out a PC over time on current gen stuff. Buy a processor one month, ram the next, etc.

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dumpster diving! people are starting to throw out first and second gen i5/i3 processors. it’ll take time but eventually you’ll get something. Apartment complexes and condos are good targets as well as computer/phone repair shops.

Alternatively, see if you have electronic surplus shops or thrift stores nearby. You can occasionally score stuff there.

Sell your PC as parts and get like $100-200 from it and then add to budget