I need some more opinions

After installing everything it ran fine, but he he complained his computer would blue screen every so often. After moving 6 hours away his computer will fail to show an input on the monitor he is using. I instructed him to check all the cables and even move the ram to a different slot, this did not help. I just need some people to look over the parts and validate the potential stability of the system. I'm thinking the problem may just be the power supply, but what do you people think?

I built my friend a computer a few months ago using these specs: (H90i not included)

Run memtest86 or other memory testing software.  Make around 10 passes and there are no errors, then it should be something else.

On paper all the parts are ok.... but thats it. On paper, which doesnt mean sh*t. Testing must be done to determine the culprit for the system bsod'ing. It could be anything from a bent socket pin to bad ram, a dodgy hdd, memory (as above), corrupted windows install, bad drivers. A whole ocean of possibilities.

Have you (or your mate) gone through this sticky?   >> https://teksyndicate.com/forum/windows/sticky-bsod-instructions/168641

Okay, the main problem he's facing is that no input even shows up. We can't access safe mode, cmd or even the bios. I wish I could do some of those diagnosis's but I can't and I'm not sure how good he is at operating a computer without a monitor (If it even boots). But thanks for the suggestions, If the computer does end up alerting the monitor, I'll be sure to test them.

When you turn on the computer, what does it do?  Does it turn on, and stay on?  Does it turn on, quickly shut off, then try to boot again?  Does it turn on at all?

Oh yeah, it turns on, and stays on, but with no monitor output. The monitor will say "No input".

A very similar thing happened to a friend of mine once. Everything looked fine, everything was in there solid, and we just couldn't figure it out. I ended up taking off the huge heatsink on the cpu (which was on there solid) to find out the CPU had somehow come out of socket. so thats a place to check if it hasn't been yet.

Also try using the onboard graphics to rule out if its the GPU.  good luck, i hope you can get this figured out


..and have you tried without the gpu installed and system run off the igpu?

I did it a while ago (when he had a similar problem) but it didn't do anything, I'll make sure to try it again though

Its going to be a process of elimination either way you look at it- testing each component in a donor system. I have a feeling its either the motherboard itself or the socket pin/s are bent.

I wish I could do that, but he lives 6 hours away and does not have another computer, or much knowledge about computers, He's gonna bring it to a computer repair store tomorrow, and hopefully they will fix it, I wish I could have though. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions, I hope it helps someone in the future.

Update: The problem was I incorrectly set an over-clock, and that screwed up the computer.

That shouldve been your first port of call. I think thats in the forum sticky...