I need some more javascript help with gnome (UPDATE)


I finished project 1. If someone would like to have a look over it before I try to upload it to gnome extensions, that would be great.

Project 2:

I am still looking for ideas on project 2

I want to make a shell extension that can edit the gnome app view grid.

What I am trying to do: I want to make an icon/button in the panel that can launch the icon-grid code (https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-shell/blob/master/js/ui/iconGrid.js) independently of gnome shell. That way the code does not get precompiled and you can edit the file to change icon size and the number of rows and columns.

My hope is is that there is a way to make a custom launcher that can launch javascript code, but I don't think there is.

IDK if what I want can be accomplished via a shell extension, but I am just trying to get some input and or any ideas on how to make this work.

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