I need some help

I hate to contribute to the mass inflation of Build a PC posts, but I'm needing some help with a current PC I wanna build.

Basically, I'm trying to build an all around PC that isn't entirely centerned on one thing. I have basic knowledge about computers, but I'm not as well informed as others so I'm gonna need someone to hold my hand through this. Anyways, on to business:

I will mainly be doing some casual 3D rendering, editing, and, of course gaming. Programs I will be using are Cinema 4D R13 and maybe 3D Maxs 2014, Adobe Photoshop & Aftereffects CS6, various plugins like Vray and Realflow, and finally Open Broadcaster Software

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1VijH - This is the current build I have in mind

I already have a PSU and hardrive from a previous build.

Several questions I have:

- I'm planning on duel-booting with Windows/Linux and I've heard that there are some hardware limitations, what will I need in order for Linux to work?

- I'm thinking of sticking with an AMD GPU, but Adobe doesn't fully support them, will I see a performance loss if I do stick with them?

- Anyone heard of the P8Z77-V LX2 mobo? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

My budget is $900 and I would like it stay under it, but I'm willing to go a little bit over it. ( already have a PSU and harddrive )

Thanks for anyone who helps and sorry for the big ass wall of text.


don't feel like going through all of this or doing research but here's what i know

  • you don't need anything special for linux, but graphic drivers are shit on either side of the fence
  • vray (or ray tracing?... i'm no expert when it comes to that) is cuda or cpu only, so an amd gpu will hold you back on that (i heard the 770 got a big price reduction)
  • you might want to consider another processor, but at that price i can't really argue against it

Thanks man and I'll probably consider getting an nvidia card and one more thing, do you think Haswell is better choice or should I just stick with Ivy Bridge?

I went with Ivy when I was deciding between Haswell and Ivy.  Runs cooler and I didn't need the better igpu.