I need some help with this gaming PC

Hello. I am new to this forum. I have been watching Logans Videos since he was on TigerDirect, and have just joined this forum. I have been thinking about a new PC build - however, I am not sure the parts I picked were the best for what I am doing (gaming and some editing in Vegas), so I came here since my last build is a disaster! 

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k

GPU: Nvidia GTX 680


Storage: One Kingston Hyper X series.

Any thoughts, reccomendations or opinions are welcome! Thanks


Have you chosen a motherboard yet? I reccommend checking out some of Asus' z77 mobos. 3570k is a good choice. Video encoding and whatnot. Looks good to me! You just need to get a case, power supply, CPU cooler (If you want to overclock) and more storage stuff. Happy shopping!

I'd go with an GTX 670. Its cheaper and when OCed peforms just as powerful as an 680 (being even faster in some situations). The 670 will scale better when in SLI as well. Use the extra bucks in a beast mobo and an extra pair of DIMMs (will help in editing). I recently bought a HyperX 240Gb SSD, I certainly recomend it! A killer SSD! Other than that, excelent choices! Welcome and good luck with your gig!

Get an ASUS P8Z77-V edition motherboard. The amount of tools that ASUS provides to the motherboard is just outstanding. You can get the lowest end of the P8Z77 series and still get tools that are on the deluxe editions (nice work ASUS). As stated above, the 3570k is a good choice being though that you will be able to benifit from the PCI-E 3.0 function out of your 680 (or what ever gen.3 card you go with).

I might get a corshair H100 for the CPU cooler. 
I probably will go with MistklMusic's reccomendation.