I need Some Help With My GPU set up

hello guys i need some help and like logan says you guys are really helpful. 

my problems is that i need to run two video cards one is a hd 6990 as the primary card and a 560 gtx as a secondary card. i wanted to know if they can run at the same time. i know it wont with sli or cross fire im not that much a noob but i just need the nvidia card for Cuda ready applications and wont be using it for anything else but for cuda applications such as video editing and photo editing.

please help me out how do i run the two of them  at the same time. my pc specs are a sabertooth mobo z77 3770k 32gb of ram a 1250watt  psu.


i would appreciate all the help thanks again.

You can not run them at the same time they are totally two different cards. Maybe but if I had to try this out for my self I go into the BIOS and run one of them when gaming and run the other one when editing. But I think it may be possible not too sure but I would Google it and see what comes up but I really doubt you can run them at the same time.

I am pretty sure that you can run them at the same time I know I looked into this at some point and I think it you just put both cards in and install the latest drivers for both and plug your monitors into the 6990 and select the 560 in your applications for cuda it should work.  Worth a try if it does not work maybe search google for a solution.

thanks bros