I need some help overclocking

ok, i have the fx 6100, asrock 990fx extrema 3 motherboard, gskill 1866 ram and a 750w psu. i'm trying to get it to 4.5 cant get it stable at all. was told by a friend it had to do with my boartds power phase. did reading on all the settings and still no luck. cooling is not a big deal have a water cooler an a good case. if any one can help me it would make my day, thanks.


forgot to say i can get it stable at 4.2,  when i shut it off for the night its unstable the next boot.

I have only been able to get the FX6100 to 4.1 stable on that motherboard (i have a crap heatsinck)

The problem is the asrock 990fx extreme 3 only has a 4+1 power phase so your not realy going to get much more out of it.

At the moment i am just running mine at 3.6Ghz (becase its geting hoter here pushing my ambent temps up to 25-30c in my flat and my cheap o heat sinck cant handle the heat)


I allso found updateing the bios past 1.20 gave me the same problem with the FX6100 (EVEN AT STOCK CLOCKS!) that if the computer was off over nigth it just dident boot up i have get powering it up and off antill it booted (sometimes it booted with no keyboard and got stuck at the splash screen)


However it just seams to be a bug with the 6100 as i droped the phenom x4 on there with the newst bios and it worked fine