I need some help overclocking my gpu

Ok i have a Sapphire referance 7970.

I have done some looking and most of what i have read said that you can max out the settings afterburner no problem,i did that andif i run a furmark benchmark,and leave the fan set to auto, it got up to 82c and then the driver crashed,which is weird cause i once had an 8500gt that overheated and got to 110c,and the driver did not crash,and if i ajust the fan myself, i had to raise it to 90% just to keep it under 75c.

also dirt 3 would crash when i try to start the benchmark(no matter the temp,while overclocked runs fine at stock), and dirt showdown would run the benchmark but would crash just before showing the results.

I have not really overclocked that much,and the last time i tried it did not go so well,tried to overclock a q9450,and could not even get 2.8ghz stable lol.

So i would really like some help finding the best settings for me.

And mabye after we can overclock my cpu if it's temps permit.

Thank you guys for any and all help.

You didn't max out the voltage did you, just the clocks? I wouldn't let the card get over 80c. Heres what I did to find my max o/c settings for my MSI 7950. Enable voltage control if you haven't already.

Raise the "Power Limit (%)" to max. Then leave the memory clock alone and raise the core by incrememnts of 25mhz (probably start around 150mhz under the max setting). Stress test until the temp stops rising and until there is instability. If there is an artifact or crash raise the voltage slightly (find some reported max voltages and don't go over) Keep raising the voltage until it is stable without cooking the gpu. If the clock hits the max, great. If there is still instability at the max safe voltage lower the clock by increments of 15mhz (whatever you want) until it is stable. Leave the core overclocked and repeat for the memory. 

Also I noticed with my 7950 anyway that the max o/c was not the fastest. The best benchmark scores came from an o/c somewhere in the middle of stock and max with no voltage bump.

Well i have overclocked it to 1025 mhz core,1475 mem, i would of tried to go farther but i hat to turn the fan to 70% just to get the temps to even out at 75c.

One more question, i am using an fx-8150 with a hpyer 212+,and acording CPUID Hardware Monitor i am running at 25caccording to the cores)at idle,and the motherboard cpu temps on this program says 41c at idle,the room temp is about 75c.

What kind of overclock could i get from my cpu?

And do you guys have any advice for me considering that on my last cpu i could not even get 2.8ghz stable(stock of 2.66ghz lol) even at max safe voltage?