I need some help for my new PC

Hey guys i just wanna know if this products are good for my new PC:

Amd FX8320.

Ram 8gb Kingstone predator 2133mh/2400mhz.

motherboard asus ma99x evo R2.0.

PSU fractal tesla 650w.

Graphics card ASUS r9 270x CU II TOP 2gbddr5.

And this when its get a little complicated , i live in Mexico on the capital so i cant get all the cool stuff that i see on USA and even if i order it , cost me a little more (well way more) than the prices here ,or some pieces of awesome hardware doesnt exist here, anyway i just wanna know if i can use this rig for gaming on ultra with resolution of 1920x1080(Like crysis 3 or skyrim with 205 mods),editing video,use 3 monitor at the same time for multitasking,codding and compile(this is posible in probably any pc just covering all my addictions) also rendering.

the other stuff for way over my budget  is:

AMD fx8350.

Ram mushkin trident x 8gb 2400mhz/2133mhz

Graphic card asus r9 280x CU II TOP 3gbddr5 or theEVGA gtx770 SC.

PSU Fractal tesla 650/750/1000w.(This is the only of fractal line that i found on Mexico),also corsair PSU all except RM line.

(but its cool i can wait a little more and then buy it).

for the perihalps i just wanna know if the k60 or k90 are good, because k70 doesnt exist here, and the review that you did guys its pretty good, i like some razer keyboards but they are extremely expensive here.

The other stuff for my pc I already have i just need this parts to work.(Im sorry for my grammar, but i speak way better in english than writing it ).

or if you know a way to order a better configuration on USA that ships to Mexico, but a little more cheaper please tell me how.

My budget in dollars its a little over $800.

 i appreciate any advice regarding this matter


quite a good looking build. uummm if money is an issue for you than you could find some 1600mhz ram if its cheaper. other than that you seem to be set. what are your plans on storage???

for storage i got 1 western digital blue 7200rpm of 1tb(just for games,designs,video and my game engine files), and for booting,OS and programs , i got and ssd sx900 adata of 128gb also a bunch of external hard drives of 1tb that i got from a lot of proyects.

ty for the advice but the ram of 1600mhz is good for gaming?, because im gonna run some pretty heavy stuff so i was thinking if i buy the 2133mhz ram i got high speed and a decent latency for rendering.


well, ram speed does not affect games like many expect. you probably wont even gain 1 fps from going to 1600 to 2133