I need some help choosing a motherboard for a Ryzen build

Hi guys,

I’m looking to upgrade my pc and I’m really interested in the new Ryzen processors. I would like to build a rig around the Ryzen 3700x but I’m not sure what motherboard to choose. Right now I have narrowed it down to GIGABYTE AORUS X570 PRO and ASUS PRIME X570-PRO as they are in my price range. What I’m mostly interested in is good BIOS support with frequent updates and good IOMMU groups for my VMs.

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Personally, i would go the the gigabyte, because ive never had any of their boards let me down. ive had my 2 rigs, my sisters rig, my fathers rig, and my uncles rig all with gigabyte mobos, and none of them have had any large issues. My dads old asrock board shipped with bad capacitors, and when he ordered a replacement it was DOA. You’d have to ask somebody else about Asus boards tho.

I’d also go with the Gigabyte board. I got the Asus X570-P and when I was testing my old 1600x on it, it had power issues, my LEDs were flickering and when I tried to update the BIOS, it bricked on me. First Asus mobo experience and likely my last.

It’s probably due everything is so new and likely the software and bios need to cook a bit longer for the kinks to be ironed out, but still.