I need some feedback on my build

Hello everyone,

I have just completed a draft of my first build and I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on it. It would be great if I could get feedback on what seemed good, what was bad, what needs to be changed and general comments on how I could improve my build. 

My budget is around $2000 Australian dollars


I want this build to be a workstation (I'm not doing any video or graphical work, just some statistics) but also allow for decent gaming (i.e current and next generation games such as skyrim and watchdogs) and for it to be relatively future proof.

As I am a novice, I'm sure I've made some questionable decisions. However, I am hear to learn and your criticism is most welcome.

Thanks in advance. 

Please provide the permalink in the top left of the pcpartpicker page!

Ahahah sorry about that! Its fixed now.

I would allocate more to the GPU if you want a decent gaming experience. If you're not doing any video editing, there's no reason to get 16GB of RAM


You could save plenty of money on this build. The 760 is an up-to-date 660ti, some say a slightly nerfed 670.


Changed the HDDs for more reliability. Better GPU. Allocated less to the motherboard.

This still does everything you want it to, but arguably much better.

http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/2zYOc here would be something to think about. The xeon performs almost excactly as a i7 4770k in games.

Two HDD's for raid0 for redundancy

Thanks for all of your help Berserker, I think I'm pretty much there in terms of realizing this build.

Thanks for your input Hoocee12!