I need some advice on a small computer

Hi, so I was looking into building a liquid cooled micro atx gaming pc and I am unsure what to get.. I have around $900 to $1000 to build it, just wanted some input.

Thanks, Avery

got u bro, try this

liquid cooled and small don't usually got together, but you might be able to put something together on a mini-itx platform

That is an awesome case for the price.

Maybe I'm crazy, but liquid cooled doesn't usually mean Corsair H60. It means a custom water cooling loop that covers at least the CPU and GPU.

That being said, I doubt that's possible for only $1000 unless you want to sacrifice a lot of performance. Actually...I take that back. Get an XSPC Rasa kit, and buy a GPU block separately if you can find a cheap one.

Also, someone saying that Corsair all-in-one liquid cooling kits is water cooling...well it's just really kind of annoying.