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I need some 40" 4K monitor recommendations

Hi there,

I have decided it’s finally time to buy myself a new monitor and it’s going to be a ~40" 4K monitor ( I have wanted one of those for like 6 years) and I am looking to get some recommendations.

The following things are important to me:

  • 4K UHD resolution at 38-43" diagonally (40-42" would be preferred)
  • Good colours. I am not doing any professional colourwork, but the colours shouldn’t look washed out and there should be minimal colour shift
  • the response time should be good enough for casual gaming . I am not gaming professionally, so I definitely don’t need 1ms or anything like that. My current monitor has 5ms and that’s fine by me.
  • at least 60hz refresh rate. freesync would be nice but I really don’t expect it at my budget
  • a price of around 600€. I can probably save for another month if that extra money, gets me something really nice
  • if it’s a korean import with slighty loose QC, I don’t want dead pixels (are korean monitors still a thing?)

Also, I have been looking at a few monitors:
But I am unsure about all of them, maybe somebody has some thought on them:

  1. iiyama ProLite X4373UHSU-B1. That one looks quite promusing, but I have no experience with iiyama whatsoever
  2. Acer DM1 DM431Kbmiiipx. Also very promising but it doesn’t seem very readily availabe (also, I have been burned by Acer a few too many times in the past couple of years)
  3. Samsung S43AM700UU. Seems rather promising as well, however it has a response time of 8ms and that seems a bit high (I could be an idiot, so some thoughts would be appreciated)
  4. LG 43BN70U-B (same worries as for the samsung)

Any help here would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

The Gigabyte FV43U 43’ 144Hz monitor seems pretty nice, and personally would be my pick if i was looking for a display of that size

That thing honestly looks like the absolutely perfect monitor. Unfortunately it’s also way over budget (it’s about 1000€ where I live). A lot those gaming features just aren’t things I really need (I obviously would not say no to them, but I would not spend and extra 400€)

Ah that sucks, I’ve seen it for sale here in the UK on sale for around 800-850 most of the time and still really tempted to pick it up at that price point as I would also use it as a TV as well So i can kind of justify the price point for my needs, but I guess if you are wanting just a monitor and that’s it, understandble that it is too pricey.

It’s also BGR subpixel layout and uses a very low local dimming zone count. It’s not the one for you.

The LG panels have a backlight alignment issue if you look at it from certain angles, I’d avoid on that premise alone.

Wasabi Mango seems to be a better choice because Wendell has been using these off-brand Korean monitors for quite a while.

The only other alternative is to wait for the 42’’ LG OLED C2.

Alright, I’ve got three questions:

  1. What are the disadvantages of the BGR layout?
  2. What does the low local dimming zone count mean and why is it a problem?
  3. Are those general VA problems, could those affect the iiyama one as well?

As for the off-brand monitors, can you even get the UHD430 anymore. I am unable to find it on ebay, so it’s either not available here (Germany) or it’s not being made anymore and there’s probably some new off-brand monitor.

Also, the LG C2 is probably going to bust the bank for me. Like I said, I really dont need fancy things like a super high refresh rate

BGR is a huge disadvantage if you work with a lot of text.

Low local dimming zones means sub par HDR experience.

It’s a general 43 inch VA panel issue, but it doesn’t affect other sizes as bad.

You may want to ask @wendell about what the new Wasabi Mango off-brand replacement is.

Ah, I see. HDR problems probably won’t be a big deal for me but BGR text issues will be a problem, as I do fair bit of programming for Uni

I have the LG and the main benefit is the integrated PBP and PIP technology.
I would recommend for anyone who is working with VFIO and uses USB-C laptops. Definitely not for gaming…

I went through this just before xmas and discovered there are no good Wide or 4K options under certain price, My main goal was to replace two 32" inch with one screen.

I would recommend 43" TV instead and check which ones have IPS/VA and for latency and colors check out:

I ended up with LG and for gaming I would have bought the new Phillips with VRR@60Hz. (The only TV with VRR and low price). Do not get 60Hz 43" 4K without VRR - even 1/4 frame tearing cannot be ignored. Better to get 2x27" inches, much cheaper and better for both gaming and productivity.

Hey buddy, I am not sure if I can help you there. That post is now 5 years old and I don’t really remember how I solved the problem. I can however tell you that you should definitely unlock the bootloader, I am not sure installing TWRP is possible otherwise.

Either way, this thread isn’t the place for this issue. I’d advise you to create a seperate thread or DM me if you have questions. I also remember the Xiaomi community having quite an active forum. If nobody here can help you, maybe someone over there can.

Best of Luck!

Oof, is the tearing really that bad? (Keep in mind, I have never owned any kind of VRR monitor).
Also, I just checked out RTINGS and there’s some really good stuff there, even an article on TVs for Gaming. However it seems a lot of the products reviewed there and are not available where I live (and a lot of the stuff is see here isn’t reviewed on the website), but I will keep an eye out for TVs now as well.

As for the Philips TV you mentioned, do you still have the model name somewhere? I was unable to find a Philips 43" TV with VRR, however there are the 436M6VBPAB and the P-line 439P1 (the latter being newer more appealing to me) which both have Adaptive Sync (although there is no refresh rate range given, which I find strange). According to reviews it’s pretty decent for gaming as well. It’s a bit more expensive than I had planned, but 700€ is still within reason.

Edit: it appears the 436M6VBPAB has a BGR layout, which would is very unfortunate. I couldn’t find anything about the 439P1’s layout…

I agree that 40-43" is the ideal size for a 4k monitor. It’s like having four 21-inch 1080p monitors, but without the extra mounts, cases, and cables.

However, the best 4k monitor that I could find was a 50 inch Sony XJ90 (TV). It has full-array local dimming for terrific HDR, 120hz panel, fast refresh, and is not OLED, so no burn-in. It was the only 4k monitor I could find with all of those features.

Not all 50-inch displays are good as monitors, because there is a potential for fuzzy text on such a huge surface. Indeed, the default settings (“Cinema” or “Standard”) on the XJ90 gave fuzzy text. Before I returned it, I discovered that choosing the “Graphics” setting resulted in nice, sharp, text.

(I use the XJ90 in the same place where I used a regular monitor; about 30" (80cm) from my eyes.)

So, all boxes ticked (for me). Watch for sales to bring it into your price range.

Sorry for texting about different topic in this thread. I am deleting that reply and creating a new thread will tag you there, I hope you will help reply on my new thread. I can’t See any DM Option in profile can you please send me a text.

Thanks for replying

Although I have had no experience with those exact monitors I have had Samsung’s that are now 10 years old and still work, and an iiyama (GE2788HS) that’s probably 6-odd years old and I’m using it as a second screen right now. Never had an Acer but I have had two LG’s in the past that both had power supplies that shit the bed.

Personally I would go for the Samsung or iiyama but as I say, I haven’t had any experience with those exact models only those manufacturers.

iiyama is VA so better blacks I guess?

The way you tolerate tearing is natural compensation for blur in your head.
43" while sitting close will make the same tear from 22" look like a broken wall.
You can compensate by increasing performance and buffering, but first is hard with 4K and second increases latency.


Use RTINGS for inspiration and check for other reviews. The main point is that latency in gaming mode is good on quite a lot of TVs and 43" TVs are often IPS.
If you want over 40 inches for gaming, TV is the thing.

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Damn, I just looked up the Philips 43PUS7506 and it looks quite promising, especially since it’s rather affordable at under 400€. There’s just one thing I completely overlooked until last night: Most 4K TVs (including the Philips), have HDMI 2.0 (or higher) and that’s it. However my GPU doesnt have that, only HDMI 1.4a and Displayport 1.2(?). How would a DP-HDMI adapter affect the experience (especially regarding VRR).

Another question I’ve got is, what are some other things (spec-wise) that are should be looking for in a Monitor/TV? (this is not just limited to gaming, but also includes office work programming)

You are stuck with 4K monitors or upgrading a GPU :frowning:
There is no sense looking for a VRR 4K TV if you do not have HDMI 2.1 GPU.
Even if you ignore VRR you would be stuck at low refresh rate with the HDMI you have.

Considering current GPU situation, you might prefer QHD 27/32/34" IPS monitors.

Viewing angles for office, contrast and pixel density for IDE (programing with smaller text size), brightness for sun-lit rooms. In general those categories are well covered by IPS screens. Gaming is where you start dealing with latency, response rate of pixels etc. Even to a point that specifications can be very misleading.

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Isn’t HDMI 2.0 backward compatible with HDMI 1.4? I would not expect an adapter to be necessary.

If you care about HDR, then full-array local dimming really makes a huge difference. Enough so that I would not expect to actually enjoy HDR without it.

Other than that, there isn’t any magic about 4k. Whatever specs you would look for in a 1080p monitor. For viewing text, most of them are fine (we discussed the one exception above).

Look at for good fact-based reviews, as well as some ideas about what features they look for.

@HimTortons I have the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U and it is pretty awesome! I have chosen it because I did not want an OLED screen, while those have the burn-in issue. I simply was not ready to spend a large sum of money on a screen and have burn in after one and a half year, because I use it as a desktop. So I searched for over 40 inch screens that have traditional technologies. The BGR subpixel layout is supposed not to be optimal for text, but I have no issues with it. I can see not difference to my previous screen in that regard. I run the screen at 120Hz, because I also game on it. In a nutshell it is a really nice screen and well worth the money, if you need the features. If you have further questions feel free to ask.

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Hi, first post on the forum, but wanted to share.
I have an LG 43UD79-B.
It has the backlight edge misalignment problem that was mentioned, I have never really had that be a huge problem for me. With that much space almost nothing gets done full screen or even really that near the edge. Even something like the system clock doesn’t really get affected by it.

The issue I do have is brightness/contrast. Things are either too black or too washed out bright.

I like the monitor overall, but would probably not buy it again. The 43BN70U-B looks to be basically the same thing.

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