I need Skyrim to look pretty

What's up ya'll? I just got skyrim legendary edition and the graphics suck. I got a r9 280x and I really don't care if I get 30fps..... I just want it to look the best possible. I don't care how big the files sizes are either. I would also like better bow physics and just  overall better world physics too.  

Skyrim 2khd texture pack, the sexy texture packs theres one for each town and villages and I think boats. an enb or something like it.


Physics can't really be changed much, but there are some ini tweaks.

Start here:






Your game will look much better.

Have a look at logans Mod list, He's got some good stuff on here, but it may really really hurt your frames



Here's Logan's mod list, v2.  I did most things, though opting for a few of the 1k texture options.  That's with an old EVGA Geforce GTX 660.  Frame rate took a hit, but I didn't care enough/rarely noticed enough to look into it (only rarely feels a bit stuttery). 

I highly recommend Skyrim Bigger Trees and Realistic Water 2, plus an enb.  That with the Bethesda 2k texture packs is a start, though you might eventually replace the texture packs.  But man, those trees...

Been trying to convince my Skyrim-oholic little sis to join the PC master race over winter interim, and hooked my PC up to the tv to do a direct comparison with her 360 version... I don't know how people can be faithful to consoles.  So terrible.

Hey there!

First thing I'm gunna recommend is S.T.E.P

This will guide you through which mods to install, in what order, the load order and which settings to choose both for best graphics. It also outlines mods that fix bugs/improve gameplay. It is then up to you to choose some texture packs (as they tend to be a personal preference thing) and an ENB.

Once you're sorted, come show us some pics on the Tek Syndicate Official Skyrim Discussion thread!