I need power supply :c

Okay so i am saving for this computer components, but i dont have a power supply, and ofc i need one, and can some one say a power supply that will work with this build if this build even work together.


Intel core i5 2500k

asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard

coolermaster hyper evo 212 cpu cooler

corsair carbide 400r chassi / cooler master haf 912

g.skill ripjaws 8 gig ram

asus geforce gtx 660 graphics card

and then im grabbing a hard drive from my current computer and the optical drive. And one more question, what happens if i for example dont have a windows 7 copy to install to my computer, does it work or not, becouse it feels like you should get windows xp or something when you install the computer?

if you didnt understand what i just said please write a reply so i can talk back to you

500-600w, brand seasonic, xfx, antec, or corsair


and for windows, it depends. if the version on the hard drive is OEM, then you need to buy another license, or the win8 upgrade... depending on your personal preference

what u mean on oem?

it means its license is linked to that motherboard or specifically the brand of motherboard, also you'd have to reinstall every driver on the machine


as for powersuppy the Rosewill green series are great PSUs

this is all you need

but this is on sale for the same price with a promocode for 4 more days and its good to have headroom for future upgrades

will a corsair tx550m 550w power supply work, im living out of the us, so i dont feel like shipping for like $100