I need opinions from people with more experience than me

I am trying to decide between a few different headphones. I am looking for opinions from people with more knowledge and experience with audio than me. I am mainly interested in gaming performance. I will be running them off of the ASRock z97 extreme 6 onboard audio. I am truing to to decide between these;

The ATH-AD900X cans are great - but ONLY if you game in a quiet environment. Any open back headphone leaks sound out, but also lets environmental sound IN. If you are in a quiet place, then they would be my pick due to the sound stage they produce.

If you are in a noisy environment, then I would look at closed back headphones like ATH-M50x or maybe the DT990's - however I have not listened to the 990's personally.

I use a set of M50's if its noisy, and my HD650's if its quieter.

My room is pretty quiet. I prefer open so I can hear if someone is trying to get my attention. Thanks for your reply

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Final note - if you want bass, as in skull shaking bass, grab the DT990's over the AD900x's

I've used my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones because of their extreme comfort and noise isolation. I personally like Boses' soundscape-- they are definitely not a neutral flat. Good thing is they have a test station in nearly every Best Buy or Target.

Gaming headsets tend to suck for most other things-- making them not a great value. I'd rather just have one set I use for all applications that don't require a 'flat' sound.

If you need a mic'd headset the Logitech G930 wireless headset isn't too bad actually... and the sound is very good for the price.