I need new headphones

So after watching Logan's new video on headphones, DACs, AMPS and stuff I feel like I need some new headphones.

I currently have a  Logitech G430 7.1 headset.

I just want some recommendations for some headphones for about $80-$110.


EDIT: I'm will be using them for gaming (mostly fps) and music.


If you're wanting headphones for accurate frequency reproduction, I would recommend Shure monitoring headphones. I have the SRH440, and I have yet to try a pair that sound better. Good price, good build, perfect sound.

Remember, there is a difference between impressive sound, and actual "High Quality" sound.  The ignorant ear can be tricked into thinking something sounds good by exaggerating a certain frequency set. Like bass.  People go "wow! that's cool!" but they have no idea what they're hearing, or in that case not hearing.  

In the case of Monitoring headphones, they are designed for the sole purpose of accurately portraying whatever your device pumps into them.  What you hear is what was intend you hear when it was mixed in the studio with a comparable set of headphones.  

Shure's not the only brand, but they're the ones I can recommend from first hand experience. (I actually used them just today to mix a song I'm working on) 

Hope this helps you out! :)

I own these and they are absolutely amazing: http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-380-Pro-Collapsible-Professional/dp/B001UE6I0G

If you want cheaper i would suggest going that route but i also own the senn 280s and they are good too, but the bang for your buck is at $150.