I NeeD HelP!

First of i would like to say sorry for all the builds i have posted and i have now just realised that there is a uk version of pcpartpicker and the build i wanted on the us version i cant get on the uk version which sucks as the build was good and had everything i need with a budget of £550.(the build came to around £575 give or take)However now i have found out i need to use  the uk version i am struggling to get a build for my money as i need everything from the cpu to the moniter.I have came up with this:http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/qLfe but i am still short of alot of things.I would much appreciate if someone could put a build togeather for me that could handle gaming at atleat high settings and 30fps as i am new to building pc's and am really struggling.

Any help is appreciated

You can bump down the video card to a 7850. Wont be that much performance loss. I wouldnt buy the 212 cooler if you cant afford it. That gives you enough for a super budget monitor...