I NeeD HelP!

First of i would like to say sorry for all the builds i have posted and i have now just realised that there is a uk version of pcpartpicker and the build i wanted on the us version i cant get on the uk version which sucks as the build was good and had everything i need with a budget of £550.(the build came to around £575 give or take)However now i have found out i need to use  the uk version i am struggling to get a build for my money as i need everything from the cpu to the moniter.I have came up with this:http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/qLfe but i am still short of alot of things.I would much appreciate if someone could put a build togeather for me that could handle gaming at atleat high settings and 30fps as i am new to building pc's and am really struggling.

Any help is appreciated

Keeping the whole thing at about 500 is hard but I got it working kinda.

Everybody hates degrading their GPU but sacrifices have to be made. So it's gonna be XFX HD 7850 not a big differnce but you know :)

Again now degrading the CPU to an AMD FX-6100 not a big deiffernce there either.

Even though i'm upgrading your PSU to a Corsair 500W Builders edition.

And I did not understand why you chose 1866mhz RAM when you're on a tight budget. But now it's a G.skill Ares Series 8gb 1600mhz (dont need more for gaming)

Motherboard is now a MSI 970A-G46.

Well that's the changes I made, and well it might be possible if you really try, to get a somthing better for the price.

That was about (give or take) £460. Then there's money for a monitor and mouse :)

Well hope that helped cuz I used like 30 mins on this and I dont hope that'll be a waste of time :P

ok thanks for all the help and it wasnt a waste of time at all however i have a plan to save up till my birthday in march. basicly i get £10 a week and after christmas i take it to be about 12 weeks till my birthday so i then have £550+£120(pocket money)+Watever birthday money i get =enough to get a good build but your suggestions really helped and i might have to use some of them :)

DO NOT get the 6100,, you want the 6300, it's new piledriver

I did this build for someone on another forum, all from the UK and the same surplier. You could bump up the RAM to 8GB for an extra £20. Novatech have nice 23 inch 1080p monitors from around £125. I hve use Novatech for years their service is very good, the prices are keen, you may find different or lower pricing if you look around the net but sometimes getting everything from one place has it's advantages.