I need help with TB on trx40 Designare

Hello Guys ,

My name is Paul, Im new here , First of all I must apology for my english i know it isnt perfect (Im from poland) but ill do my best .

I have problem with Thunderbolt3 on my PC. Right now im build new workstation for Music production (im composer)

Here is my specs:

Windows 10 Pro

Ryzen TR 3970X

Gigabyte TRX40 Designare

265GB RAM Corsair

I really want to be able to connect the Universal Audio Arrow audio interface because I chose this motherboard especially for him.

I have a very big problem because after connecting the interface behaves very strangely. It slows down the computer, hangs up, the sound is glitched ,stopped, suddenly reconnected

I have these drivers installed:

  • from the officiall GC titan ridge "Thunderbolt Driver site

"Win10 ver.1909 supported. "

  • And from the officiall motherboard TRX40 Designare site drivers for Thunderbolt.

Just in case, I removed the realtek drivers and turned off integrated card in the BIOS, so that only the Arrow interface remains, but it did nothing.

I think that maybe the cable fault because I connect the interface with a Samsung TB3 cable dont know is it 20 or 40 gb/s but in two days I will have an original apple cable to check , i bought it today.

Guys ,I am extremely desperate, I do not know what to do because I built the station with a view, especially to working on this interface “Universal Audio Arrow”

I will be very grateful for any kind of help.

Once again, I’m sorry for my English

Thank you very much

Greetings from Poland


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