I need help with picking a motherboard

I'm on a tight budget, but I still want to build a nice computer together. Even if it takes me a few months to gather the money for a part, I think it'll be worth it. I don't want to die without doing this once. Being that I'm on a tight budget and I have no prior experience to building computers, I use pcpartpicker. It's a wonderful website, but I have a question about the compatibility of two components. How would these two components work together:


motherboard: MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) Micro ATX AM3+

graphics card: Asus Radeon R9 280X 3GB DirectCU II


These are the parts I have so far:


case: Rosewill Challenger-U3 ATX Mid Tower

CPU: AMD FX-6300

CD/DVD drive: lite-on IHAS124-14


I observed that the motherboard has an integrated graphics card? I'm not sure. This motherboard does not support crossfire or SLI, so would adding a graphics card cause a problem?

I feel like I should not be posting here, but this is the only site I trust other than pcpartpicker. Thanks!


p.s. If you have some websites you recommend me reading first, or some tips, that would be greatly appreciated.

edit: I'm sorry for making it difficult to look up the parts. I've added the hyperlinks

In the future just copy & paste the perma link from the pcpartpicker system build page ... it makes it easier for us.

  • that mobo will work however that GPU is very loud and your case is not sound insulated ... so I would highly recommend these parts to complete your build ...


On board graphics are not a problem.  
You can disable the on board graphics in ... control panel / system / device manager ... choose the on board graphics  adapter & choose to disable & press apply

I know the Antec 750W 80+ Platinum Cert is overkill but for $80 it was hard to pass on that level of efficiency.

And the quiet of the Sapphire R9 280X 3GB Vapor-X  compared to the Asus R9 280X is worth the $40 to me ...

Finally the Seagate 2TB Hybrid drive's performance should make for a fairly quick system overall.

Oh man ...  Pick a gold motherboard if you can find it. I cant stop thinking about them.

Will the motherboard have a bottleneck effect because it doesn't have the pci express 3.0? Also, what is cas latency, ram timing, and does it matter what speed of ram I get since I'm going for a dedicated graphics card? sorry for so many questions. 

I don't believe AMD mobo's offer PCIe 3.0 support on the budget minded AM3+ platform

sweet :D then i have nothing to worry about then :D hopefully

I tried  ...  lol

I will have some of the guys with giant brains check my work ... and they will post any suggestions.

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You will get a few more frames out of faster RAM but not enough to justify its cost. HOWEVER 1866 is about the same price as 1600.It starts to matter in Rendering and video editing. CAS latency, is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory and the time it actually does it. so, Think of it like this 1866 is the size of the truck (bandwidth) and CAS is the speed at which the truck travels .     with what you have, you will get no "bottleneck"    

I like the build ...

My suggestion would be to drop the 1x 8GB Dimm for 2x 4GB Dimms for Dual channel support


and normally I would probably go with a more modest power supply like  the below and save a few bucks. But Ratzzz is right about that promo grab that up!

If speed is your thing then I might consider dropping the 2 TB HDD and getting


and running Raid 10. You can always add a USB drive later to add storage

If huge storage is your thing get this drive 3 tb and costs less than original pick.

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